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Will Hambantota becomes the most suitable city in Sri Lanka to live in?
After the record breaking feats by two students from Hambantota area at GCE A/L there is a talk among people about a possibility that the Hambantota city would become the most suitable city to live in. In this connection when the Gossip Lunu Dehi made inquiries and a survey it was found instantaneously that the demand has increased to unprecedented heights.
A mother living in cinnamon gardens, Colombo 7, family when interviewed had told that she is contemplating strongly in admitting her child to grade one in the school that the President had attended. But after some later thoughts she had decided to admit her to a school in the village where the President was born thinking it would be more appropriate and a very lucky school. Then the question was raised” whether is she going to change her residence.”She had replied that it will happen subsequently and for the time being she will send the child in a school van that plies on the Southern Express Highway.
A businessman dealing in Japanese car sales centre had told that he was contemplating in purchasing a house close to an International school with the intention of sending his child to the International school in the vicinity. But had changed his idea and is now seriously contemplating in purchasing a house in Hambantota to fulfil his intention in sending his child to a school in Hambantota as everything is going to be even rosier for life in time to come. This decision according to him is to benefit him also for his future. He had also stressed that as a new harbour gets off the blocks fully and established, would help him in his current business in the importation of Japanese vehicles. He had emphasised this would be an added boost to him.
Another person whom we interviewed went on to say that he could not view the NSC television channel and as a result he was very disappointed as he missed some important International matches specially the 20/20 world cup matches played at the Sooriyawewa International cricket stadium. It was learnt from him that a friend had told him that several International cricket matches are scheduled to be played at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International cricket Stadium in Sooriyawewa and even if he finds a billet in Hambantota and comes to a rented out house in Hambantota he would get a big relief in this regard as this sports television channel could be viewed clearly from Hambantota. It will facilitate him to come to the grounds without much hassle.
It is learnt that in time to come Hambantota would become Sri Lanka’s Central city and the land values because of this is rising to unprecedented heights. This was confirmed by an employee attached to a Land sales office over there. It should be told and emphasised that like in South East Asian countries like Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur where Monorails are been used for transport and like in China where there is night shopping and has become a city where people do not sleep, the Hambantota city is also predicted to one such as those famous countries. This fact alone would stimulate foreigners and those Sri Lankans domiciled in western countries to make up their minds seriously to come over to Sri Lanka and have permanent homes in Hambantota.
It is learnt from a Chancellor in History in a University that in places that were filled with water in cities starting from Anuradhapura to Polonnaruwa, Yapahuwa, Gampola, kurunegala and kotte the population increased due to the availability of abundance of water and irrigation for cultivation of paddy cultivation. Hence they became to be recognised as major cities. It is reported that these cities had not become cities as important because paddy crops have failed owing to drought and other reasons. The people who lived in these cities do not get the opportunity to derive an income from paddy cultivation owing to lack of water and the continuous drought.
However with the expansion of the harbour, the new airport that is coming up, new hotels, with the new International cricket stadium ,new government buildings coming up Hambantota is poised to become the hub for people’s needs is definitely going to become a central economic central city. With the above facilities Hambantota is going to be the Central city in Sri Lanka. This stand in the above context cannot be prevented by anyone.
Many youngsters living in difficult rural areas, who had ideas of going to Colombo in search of jobs have now believe that a job according to their qualifications could be easily found from Hambantota at the speed the development activities are going on. They have now totally dropped their plans in going to Colombo in search of jobs. A section of those who were trying for jobs in Colombo have failed in their attempts and are awaiting to find jobs in the Hambantota area which is fast developing.

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