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Two Chinese lasses found nude inside the Rangiri Dambulla Cave Viharaya

Two Chinese tourist lasses had been found in a nude state inside the Rangiri Dambulu  Rajamaha cave Viharaya. After posing for some photographs yesterday morning the 6th by of the other visitors had created somewhat a chaos situation inside the Rangiri Dambulu Rajamaha Viharaya.
The security personnel who had watched this scene had tried to grab from the Chinese lasses the photographs taken by them had even gone to the extent of assaulting them. The Chinese lasses ha d lodged a complaint in the Police station in this regard.
The Chinese national a 30 year old, Vishusin lass had complained against the Police personnel who assaulted her on the 6th instant. She had complained that during the assault her finger had got injured.
In this connection the Chief Incumbent of Rangiri Dambulu Cave Viharaya too had confirmed that these Chinese damsels had behaved in a manner suitable to be inside a screed place, had confirmed that they had behaved in a not so conducive manner, suitable to capture photographs. The security personnel had tried to grab the photographs that they had taken. The photographs that were not suitable to be taken were removed from the cameras by the security personnel. This was revealed by the chief Incumbent of the Rangiri Dambulu Cave Viharaya.
Report by Inamaluwe Thilaka Wijesuriya

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