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Expert Chinese graphic designer had tried to give our National flag a male Lion look

The symbol of our national flag is the Lion. To distort it or change it no one has permission. The lion which is on the National flag in a female lion. An unauthorised person has tried to print some stickers with the picture of a male lion on it.
The Police had been able to find 60,000 such fictitious flag stickers which were to be sold from a number of ships at Dam Street in Colombo who had arrested those shop owners who had these stickers in their possession. Some stocks of these flags were also found in six shops at People’s Park shopping complex.
It was revealed that these stickers had been received from China to be sold in Sri Lanka and they have been made by an expert graphic designer who is not known by name. The Police have brought this matter to the notice of the Attorney General for his advice in order to proceed with action to be taken.
About a few decades ago there was much speculation to find out whether it is a Lion of the male or female species that is in the national flag. But up to now there is no evidence about anyone who had tried to change or distort it.

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