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The voice of Kavindya, the daughter of Athula and Samitha resembles that of Samitha
It is a fact that the children of popular singer’s children’s songs become popular as they possess singing talents. The daughter of Athula and Samitha Adhikari, Kavindya who had sat for GCE O/L exam and is staying expecting results has already launched into singing.
Since her parents are popular singers the fans are waiting anxiously to hear her voice in sheer desperation. Amila Perera who came to fame through the ‘Sirasa’ Super Star reality contest has joined with Kavindya to sing a duet. The lyrics of this song is by Lasith Jayenetty Arachchige. The music composition is by Prasanna Dissanayake. The duo does not hope to make a video as Kavindya has been prohibited by her school authorities in taking to a role for a music video.
Lets listen to Kavindya’s song from the video below, where her voice is similar to that of her Mother Samitha.The name of the song is ‘hangagena sitiya’

[Download Audio HERE]

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