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On Independence Day, 3D Picture of Buddha had reflected from Somawathi Stupa:

What is seen often on Somawathi sacred premises we have brought to the notice of our viewers. Now it is reported that 3D picture of Lord Buddha had reflected from the Somawathi Stupa it is reported on our Independence Day.
On the 3rd night it is reported near the Somawathi stupa that a number exceeding over 100 devotes had offered one lack of ‘Das Pathiya’ flowers and lit a number oil lamps and been chanting ‘Pirith’ the whole night. At around 2 a.m the devotes had seen a cloud like light that had reflected from the far edge of the stupa and simultaneously had seen a 3 D picture of Lord Buddha.
The Chief Incumbent of Somawathi temple Ven Pahamune Sri Sumangala thera had confirmed this occurrence and had said that a tooth relic of Lord Buddha has been embedded within the Somawathi stupa and in the morning when a ‘Pooja’ with milk meal was offered that morning a similar 3 D picture had reflected which the devotes too had observed.

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