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This year’s Advanced level results also a mess

More 3 A’ s given for Commerce students to pave the way for promotion for private Universities

This year the results of the 2012 Advanced Level are rather complicating and contradicting according to the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF). This according to them is a definitely a tactic deployed to promote students to enter private universities. The Commerce stream student’s results is ample evidence of this planned tactic as the number of students in the Commerce has obtained 3 ‘A’s which would prevent students entering into other faculties. According to the IUSF this matter would create a chaos situation when new University entrants are chosen. A notice has been issued by the Inter University Students federation.
The contents of this notice are as follows:
“This time too, the Advanced level results are subjected to criticism and are messy. The authorities have changed the results to suit their proposed tactics. These abnormalities have been exposed by the ISUF. The results cannot be accepted. Although the mistakes are not up to those levels there are distinct distortions in the results in respect of RANKS and Z SCORES. Examples are shown below:
As a typical example a student in Polonnaruwa district who sat for the Arts stream under the new syllabus under Index number 5577012 has obtained C 2,S 1 has been given a District Rank as 9. Z Score -0.3373 Island RANK is 534.In the same district a student under Index Number 5551064 also in the Arts stream has obtained results as B2 C1, Z Score 0.7353, District Rank was 320.We are asking whether these could be accepted?
Another Example and case was in respect of a student in Vavuniya District also in the Arts stream under the new syllabus allotted Index Number 6231594 the results were ABC, District Rank 01, Island Rank 38, Z Score 1.1988.In the same District a student Index number 6237770 with results A 1 B 2 given a District Rank 27, Island Rank 2694.How could this be? Anyone could prove that these are all clear distortion.
It should be mentioned that results in the Arts stream has become lesser. However the results in the Commerce steams have risen to unprecedented heights. But there are conflicts in the results of other results. The amount of 3 A’s obtained by Commerce students are relatively high. There are numbers in thousands. However many cannot enter the Universities. This is observed prominently in all districts.
Among all students who sat for the A/L 2012 , 8544 have obtained  3 ‘A’s. Out of which 6471 have been from the Commerce stream. Out of these students only a number less than 5000 only could be admitted to universities. The IUSF as a whole is happy about the students getting good results. However we believe that there is some interference by the authorities of the government. This could be attributed by making the question papers easier or else the students may have answered the examination by studying harder. Whatever the cause it is good that many had passed well. But how is that only the students in the commerce streams only get so much of good results. Was it because the question papers were made very easy. Why did it happen?
If this was done without focussing on the education we will not agree and allow it to happen. As this has happened not in helping the students but with other intentions we will have to probe. We will not endorse such a situation. We are happy that so many had obtained 3 ‘A’s. Even those who obtained 3 ‘S’ are also bright students. We salute them too. They too should become budding University entrants.
The government has no proper plan drawn in entering them to the Universities. All those who have become eligible should be entered into the Universities. Yet the Government has no plans for it. According to the 2011 results mess up they have not recruited additional 5000 students. In that context why did they make the examination papers easier and allow so many to obtain sufficient marks been eligible for entering Universities. For many to obtain sufficient marks is a huge question?
This is for nothing else but to pave the way for students to get admission to private Universities. All students who obtained 3 ‘A’s are expecting gaining entrance to the Universities. But it is not practical and cannot happen, as Universities under the Government cannot accommodate all of them. This is a bid question faced by the Government. The government says they do not have money to expand the existing Universities. Then they will tell there are private Universities. The parents of those students who obtained 3 ‘A’s cannot see their children staying at home after qualifying to enter the Government Universities. They cannot make up their minds and sit for the examination once more. Hence there will be no alternative but to sell or mortgage their assets and decide to find even a private University for their bright children. However the hopes of those students who scored the highest marks eagerly wait until they are chosen to the respective Universities. There are thousands of such students in this year.
The Government authorities remain in this stand. This applies to those whose financial standards are at high levels. The President is strongly contemplating in opening branches of the NIBM. Only a handful will be able to fulfil their aspirations in this manner. The rest will not be able to become graduates. We strongly believe that there is a conspiracy behind this grave matter. We think this is going to be golden occasion in our history. It has become a dire necessity to increase the intake of students to the Universities.
It is pointless in studying hard and obtaining 3 ‘A’s as only a maximum of 22000 undergraduates could be admitted to the Government Universities.The students who have been studying hard all through their small days sacrificing their entire time making their parents debtors in their attempt to enter University. Hence what needs to be done is to make arrangements to increase the intake by taking the necessary steps and to fight against this issue. Some do not believe in fighting against the Government and lose their lives. What will happen to them to commit suicide with having hopes?
The Advanced level students are now faced with this option. What we tell is to go in the correct path. Our decision is for all to get together and fight against the Government appointed authorities. If all get together and force the Government results could be achieved. They will take the maximum as possible. Then the President’s son will come to the scene with a solution for the rest.
As the Inter University Students federation we appeal all the students and the parents to unite and come forward without the parents becoming debtors and to make them suffer. They will become sick and our advice is not to sacrifice your time and money in deciding to sit for the examination once more. We are going to commence the protest and our fight. Our fervent hope is for you to join us and strengthen our unit, the IUSF. You should come forward.

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