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President’s youngest son Rohitha confesses that he would not be into politics: 
I have no intention of coming into politics. I want to become the youngest aircraft pilot: President’s youngest son in an interview with the “ Mawbima” paper had disclosed that would never come into Politics. Presently he is undergoing an aircraft engineering course in the United Kingdom. After studying and going through this course his intention is to follow a post graduate course in Russia on flying. His ambition is to become perhaps the youngest aircraft pilot. Other than his hobbies would remain as Rugby and motor racing. The entire interview he had with the “ Mawbima” paper could be read from HERE:

The Police and Navy personnel have been deployed to locate the lost hair wig of popular TV presenter.

The Police and Navy personnel have been deployed to locate the lost hair wig of popular TV presenter.
A very popular TV presenter and a presenter of songs in TV channels is presently faces with a very embarrassing situation as he cannot present his usual TV programmes without his familiar hair ‘wig’ which had been stolen during a clash for a minor offence, he has had with a person while attending to a wedding ceremony in Galle area.
This incident had occurred while an argument had arisen, between the TV Presenter and subsequently a collision had occurred accidently with a person who was attending the wedding ceremony. It had ultimately ended after the clash the TV presenter. The expensive imitation wig had fallen and had been grabbed by someone, most probably by the person with whom he had collided with him, for a minor incidence, who is yet to be identified. This matter has been reportedly, and very reliably and seriously learnt that investigations are carried out to find the lost’ wig’. This had caused the TV presenter in preventing in presenting his usual TV programme owing to the loss of the expensive ‘wig’. The Police with the assistance of Navy personnel are making desperate investigations to find the person who clashed with the TV presenter and robbed the ’wig’ of the TV presenter.
It is reliably learnt that this TV presenter has had some conflicts with the Police on earlier occasions too.

Mahela and Sanga faces a question about using  “Ministry” name for their “Ministry of Crab” restaurant.

The two of the most prominent cricketers in Sri Lanka, world famous Mahela Jayewardena and Kumar Sangakkara had opened a rare restaurant; a business venture jointly with Dharshan Munidasa. It is housed in the refurbished old Holland Hospital building in the centre of the city of Colombo. It was named and registered as a business enterprise named “Ministry of Crab’ and opened last December. A big legal matter had arisen with regard to the usage of “Ministry’, in the name of the venture already registered as the “Ministry of Crab”.
The restaurant caters to a several types of menu’s , the main dishes sold to be consumed are out of crabs. It has been revealed by the Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga that no business name could attach the name ‘Ministry’ to it. In this connection he had issued instructions to the Western Provincial Council authorities to have the name changed.
This restaurant to date called the “Ministry of Crab” caters exclusively to the affluent and Foreigners, as a dish of crabs costs Rs 2800/- to Rs 5000/- it is reported reliably.
Shown below are some of the photographs of the “Ministry of Crab” restaurant.

President looks and feels Holyfield’s ear with enthusiasm

Former World’s Heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield visited Sri Lanka, yesterday for a matter of just 12 hours while on transit.
Evander Holyfield was world’s Boxing Heavy Weight champion during the period 1990-1993 and in the year 2000. His closest contender in the year 1997 was controversial fellow boxer Mike Tyson. During this famous fight Mike Tyson used a dirty tactic by biting the right ear of Evander Holyfield during the early part of the much awaited clash. To made him feel mentally down when he bit the right ear of Holyfied causing a big damage to his ear.
Evander Holyfield who visited Sri Lanka during Tsunami period is an American citizen. Out of 57 heavy Weight bout he had won 44 of them. He was considered as the World’s greatest Heavy Weight boxing champion. During his short visit to Sri Lanka he paid a courtesy call to ‘Temple Trees’ to meet President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The President was very much interested in feeling and having a close look at Evander Holyfield’s ear which was badly bitten by Mike Tyson during that famous World Heavy weight boxing clash.
The video of this incident is shown below how Mike Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear during that particular bout:

Lady driver battles with traffic police constable for her car key and injures herself:

The discipline of the traffic Police officers should be tolerated and at the same time should also be given due respect to the traffic Police officers by both male and female drivers. A case has been reported from Kandy where a traffic Police constable had fought with lady diver causing her to take treatment from the Kandy General Hospital for minor injuries caused during a collision to grab the car key.
The case is reported from an incident from William Gopallawa main road in Kandy last Saturday. A traffic Police constable attached to the Kandy Police station while on duty had tried to grab the car key of a lady driver who had purportedly parked the car blocking the route of the traffic flow. For this wrong exercise the traffic Police constable had tried to grab the key from the lady driver. During the battle for the key the lady had been admitted to the General Hospital kandy.
Instead of politely requesting the car key from the lady driver, the traffic Police constable had tried to grab it from the lady driver. When the case was reported to the Police, the DIG, Central Province H.N.B. Abanwela had an impartial inquiry and had ordered the traffic police constable to be interdicted, it is reliably reported.

Two push cyclists killed and one motor cyclist injured in a hat-trick of accidents committed by a Minister’s nephew while driving a car after consumption of liquor.

Yesterday at Payagala it has been reported that two push cyclists were killed and motor cyclist was injured when a drunken driver when just like small children playing computer games. The other offence the driver of the vehicle had driven away after the mishaps without stopping.
The drunken driver who was not at all steady at the wheel had knocked down one push cyclist killing him instantaneously. His dead persons push bicycle had been broken into two parts after the impact. After killing the push cyclist the drunken driver who had not stopped had knocked the second push cyclist who after the severe impact had been thrown in the air and had fallen on to galvanised roofing sheet of a neighbouring house and fallen into the house breaking the galvanised sheet and had died instantaneously.
The hat-trick of the accident took place when he had knocked motor cyclists on his way injuring him rather seriously. The vehicle which was driven by the drunken driver had ultimately forced to be stopped when it knocked against a parapet wall a short distant away from the three mishaps.
The two killed were persons from the same locality had been returning to their homes after attending to a funeral house.They were in the ages of 28 and 30 years respectively. The driver had been taken into Police custody with minor injuries. When produced before courts the Magistrate had ordered him to be remanded until the 8th of next month. At the time of the accident another person had travelled in the car. The Police had recovered two bottles of arrack from inside the car.
 It had been told by the neighbours that the person arrested as the driver of the vehicle was not the identical person who drove the vehicle.The person who drove the vehicle had been a 22 year old youngster and is supposed to be the nephew of Minister Rohitha Abeygunawarden. Hence for producing another person instead of the suspected person owes to influence of Politics. It is quite surprising that political influence has been made and it is further proved as that the case had been investigated by the Police officers attached to the Kalutara, Beruwala and Dondangoda Police stations instead of the Police officers of the Wadduwa Police, where the accident occurred.

Hirunika’s letter  after the three-month death anniversary of her father Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra

It has been three months since Mr. Bharatha Lakshman’s assassination. His daughter, Hirunika has written a letter titled “MY DEAR FATHER” which was published in a number of National newspapers today.
This letter was meant mainly to commemorate her father on his 56th birthday and after three months almsgiving, at the same time revealed some unknown qualities of his character not known to many.


The Pain of mind caused after his sudden loss is unbearable. There are no words to express the sadness I bear in my heart. Even though everybody consoles me that this enormous pain and loneliness will gradually disappear, not a second passes without remembering my father. Everywhere I look, I see the image of my father smiling at me with eyes full of love. Whenever I was hurt or heartbroken I always ran into the arms of my father. His warmth and his consoling words lulled me. It is difficult to make you understand how much I feel the need of my father at this very moment to soothe my heart. I cannot forget the fact that it is Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra, the People’s leader, the Politian, and the Trade Union Leader who has passed away. But how can I forget that it is my dear father who has left us.
Among the memories I have in my distraught mind I see the proud image of my father. The voice which I never thought would be that deep reverberates in my ears. The person whom I used to hug physically can now only be hugged in my imagination.
I have always complained about my father’s busy schedule. When he was not close to me when I needed him the most, I have complained saying that my brother, my mother and myself come second to him. I have told him that he has given his priority to the outsiders.
 My father has dedicated his life not only for us but also for the whole world because of his extraordinary humane qualities. When I used to complain, he would listen silently with a smile on his face and that is the exact image I still see before me. I want to ask him as to why he did not tell us the commitments he made for others. I know that my father did not consider any of my faults as a fault. But I want to tell the world that he was a great man who never neglected his responsibilities towards humanity.
 My friends always told me that I was a lucky daughter. They believed that I have been rewarded for my merits in the past lives to be his daughter. It is only now that I realize the meaning of what they meant. I am truly a lucky daughter to have such a loving father. He sheltered us like a giant tree. He taught us to be independent and to think deeply. What is left today is the young sapling which nurtured under that giant tree. Now I am exposed not only to the sun and the rain but also to storms. Yet, my father had taught me to face everything with strength and peace of mind.  Even though my father was stolen from me, he has gifted me with things that cannot be stolen.
He has given me the wisdom to look deep into life. It was my father who encouraged me to study law. It was one of his dreams to see me as a lawyer speaking for criminal cases. He would have never imagined that my knowledge would be first used to bring justice for him. I am dedicated towards fulfilling my father’s dream even under these very difficult circumstances.
There is one memory of my father which I will never forget. Our home was always crowded with people. Each of them called him “Lucky aiyya”. They were all brothers to my father. He addressed all of them in an endearing manner. One day I called an uncle who worked with him by his name. I cannot recall any other day he got so angry with me. He was not a strict father, but on that day he taught me a valuable lesson. Since his death, he has left me with a group of loving people who have not forgotten us. My father has taught me to be friendly with people and to share their sorrow. Though you are not with us, you have left with us a group of people around us. I have inherited from my father a group of people who are bonded through brotherhood and who share their lives with me. Father, just like you I too will be always with them. I will protect them and I will never betray them. I think that is the best thing I can do for them on behalf of my father.
There is one more incident which recalls how simple my father was. I was dressed to go out and I was complaining about my slippers which were torn and discolored. I asked for a new pair. I remember him ignoring and me and talking to some uncles. I asked for money to buy a new pair of slippers. “Though your slippers are old it does not affect your image. Do not mind about your slippers. If you want a pair of slippers to wear now, take these” he said pointing at his own sandals. I still recall his simplicity.
 I cannot describe the pain I go through when I see on TV the same pair of slippers soaked in his blood beside his dead body. I picture him in the national suit wearing the same pair of slippers and joking around. He was the compass which showed me the right direction. He was the guiding star. He was the light of our lives. But, today I have lost my dear, loving, and great father. I thought that he was the most valuable part of my life. But, now I have realized that he is my whole life.
He never let us bears any pain. Only we know the bitter pain my brother, mother and I feel without him and that cannot be expressed in words. I wish that no daughter should ever face such a fate. Today is the 56th birthday of my father. I miss him more than ever. I wish I could hug and wish him a happy birthday like I have always used to do. I cannot bid farewell to the memory of my dear father.  I wish he would be in every dream I see. May he be my father in all lives to come? May he attain Nibbana!

Hirunika Premachanda

Last Friday night the Sri Lanka cricket team took wing to Australia under the new leadership of Mahela Jayawardena. The tour will consist of only a series of ‘ODI’ matches and is a Tri nation tournament, involving Sri Lanka, India and hosts Australia.
The photographs shown below are those that were taken at the religious ceremonies which took place before their departure.

Uresha Ravihari weds:
The very popular female vocalist Uresha Ravihari’s wedding was held last night 27th at the Galle Face Hotel, Colombo. She is daughter of famous announcer Dharma Sri Wickremasinghe. The wedding was patronised by a large number  of artistes. The bridegroom is a doctor by profession.
Shown below are some photographs taken at the wedding:

Photographs by Indika Mallawarachchi and the beautician was Marina Perera

Dinamina typing mistake makes the President a “DICTATOR”

In today’s Dinamina, 27th newspaper published by the Lake House, predominantly a Government supported paper, in a letter published under ‘Political Solitude’; it had been mistakenly published as President a ‘DICTATOR’. Since this is more or less a biased paper published by the ‘Lake House’ had astonished many readers.
One person by name ‘Raman’ had published the letter under ‘Isolated Political fights’ had emphasised on Free Mass Media Association protests which had been barred by anti Governmental elements. It had been published on page 6 of today’s Dinamina paper. The letter published in the internet is as below:

The student protests too have been harshly dealt with the Governmental Higher officials give instructions to the armed forces to stop and curb their protests processions. They all have to be more flexible when taking action. It has been said that at these instances the Government should act in a more flexible manner. The President should advise those who try to break the freedom of the protesters to be more flexible and to commence talks for amicable settlements to their matters which do have certain matters that could be settled through negotiations which ultimately lead to violent protests by having processions.

Paper Link HERE

I saw several varied stories in newspaper articles- So I resigned from captaincy—DILSHAN.

I took over the captaincy as the team’s morale was at low ebb. That is why I took over the captaincy. That too only for a period of one calendar year- MAHELA.

The first press conference after Mahela was elected as the new captain was held yesterday. I could not refuse a request made by the SLC on behalf of the Sri Lankan cricket team who needed my leadership. I gave up the captaincy not with any intention of regaining it again. No one influenced me to accept the leadership decision, quipped Mahela.
“ After the ICC World Cup 2011 I resigned from the vice captaincy reigns as my intention was a youngster to be groomed into my place. According to the present situation a novice cannot be entrusted with the captaincy reigns. Thinking purely on it I consented to take over the captaincy. I discussed with the new selection panel that I would take over under the condition that it would be only for a period of only one year. I said I will be 35 years old in a few months and to remain in a side one has to perform well consistently I do not like to remain in the side if I cannot perform consistently. That is the reason for accepting the captaincy for only a period of one year. We should  from now onwards must find the most suitable person to take over captaincy reigns. We all accept defeat as a team. We lost the England Test series 1-0 and the ODI series by a margin 3-2.World’s best team India lost to England in Tests by a margin 4-0. India to date has lost to Australia in Tests by a margin 3-0.with the remainder Test also on verge of defeat. What we failed to perform was in all three departments of the game. Hence the % of losses was very high.”

The former skipper Tillakaratna also spoke and his version was as follows:

“I was appointed captain only for the South African tour. Before the tour ended there were many speculations with regard to captaincy issues in the media which were read by me. Hence I decided to resign from the captaincy with immediate effect at the conclusion of the tour. However if the new selection committee decides and requests me to continue I am prepared to carry on.
Owing to pressure from the selection committee I decided to tender my resignation as the captain. During the past we have won with new younger players in the team. I was appointed captain with several new players in the team. They have on numerous occasions guided our team to victories. If I was appointed captain for the Australian tour I had the confidence to do well.
The new selection committee had elected Mahela as the new captain. I will give my fullest support to the team”
The Tri nation tour involving India , Sri Lanka and hosts Australia is due to begin on 5th of February. To participate in this Tri nation tournament the Sri Lankan team comprising of a squad of 15 is due take wing ‘Down Under’ tonight the 27th.Some photographs taken after the press conference could be viewed below:

At Elamodera  a ‘makeshift’ petrol tank inside a van bursts into flames killing four

Early morning yesterday along Kalutara-Horana at Elamodera in Diyagama area 4 persons in the same family who travelled in a van were to burnt to death when a petrol tank burst into flames.7 others had sustained burn injuries were admitted to the Nagoda Hospital. Those who succumbed to death were driver’s 2 children, a Father, a Mother of another family. The 11 were returning after attending a funeral at Beruwela.
A huge noise was heard from behind the van and simultaneously the van had burst into flames killing 4 and injuring the 7 others who travelled in the van. Those who died did not any time to get off the van. Those who died were a Mother Kusumalatha Thilangani,11 year old daughter and 6 year old Dilan Chamod who succumbed to burn injuries.
The police investigations had revealed that it was owing to driver’s negligence by keeping a petrol tank at the rear of the van which had burst into flames owing to a electrical defect.
Lasantha Deepal, a 40 year old driver and owner of the van. He was very unfortunate to see two members of his family (children) getting burnt to death. His wife who was seated in the front seat was able to get out of the van and escape while the owner sustained burnt injuries. Before this incident took place there had been a defect in the van which was rectified before they commenced their journey.
After the burning incident Lasantha Deepal lost 2 of his 3 children. He is now left with his daughter only. At the time of the incident it was about 12.m.and 1 a.m. and it was dark and he could not do anything. He was repenting saying how he could make up his mind. All those who were killed were neighbours who had gone together to a funeral house living in Handapangoda area. They had left at 4.30 p.m evening of the 25th and the incident had occurred in the early morning of the following day.
On their return this unfortunate incident had occurred. Two others one a women, and another child who travelled had succumbed to burn injuries.
Those who survived with burn injuries have been admitted to the Nagoda hospital. Chamod Adiththya who died was a Grade 1 student of Arakawila Isipathana Junior School who was admitted to school early this year. The other deceased Indunil Dilan is a 6th year grade student of Handapangoda Novodya Vidyalaya also had been admitted to this school this year.
Those who are taking treatment at the Nagoda hospital are the dead woman’s brother Lasantha Deepal Ratnasekera , driver of the van, his wife and daughter Saviksha Dileshi Ratnasekera and the other dead woman G.kusumalatha’s husband I Gunasena and the deceased Thilangani Deepshika’s two children and her husband.
View the photographs below:

The Video captured by a ‘Mawbima’ paper photographer are shown below while the vehicle was on fire.

The stories and photographs by Nirmala Priyadarshini Kahawala and k. Buddhika kumarasiri

School van driver with one hand bailed out for s surety bail of Rs one lakh when produced in Courts:

After the unfortunate school van accident at Dehiwala , the Police had laid a lot of emphasis and attention as to the discipline,and the manner the drivers of school vans drive on the roads.
The police had been able to nab a driver of a school van along Flower Road as he had been driving with just one had. When questioned he had confessed that he had been driving school vans for the past 19 years. He had possessed a driving licence before he had gone for employment in Saudi Arabia.
There his hand had got entangled inside a machine and his hand from the wrist had been amputated. After returning back to Sri Lanka he had commenced his school van business which became his lively hood. He had confessed that he had never met with a single accident and had even driven to places like Nuwara Eliya and Kataragama. The parents of the children over the years have had complete confidence in his driving although he was driving with one hand. The other pathetic story is that his son had lost a leg after an accident and he has to feed him also.
When produced to courts the Magistrate had asked to confiscate his driving licence and on a appeal for bail was granted with a surety bail amounting to Rs 1 lakh.

I am not a disciplined person. I break laws. The driver who topped the fastest speed on the newly built Southern Express Highway was me
- Transport Minister

The Minister of transport Kumar Welgama confessed that he not all a disciplined person. Anyone who sees may observe this quality of mine. He had told at a function that he had driven a vehicle at high speed after drinks and had gone over a boutique damaging it and his vehicle had toppled.
He is the person who had travelled at the fastest speed at the newly built Southern Highway breaking all speed limits at a speed of 180 KMP. The fastest speed limit on this new highway is only 100 KMP. He disclosed. I am not a disciplined driver......When your good selves see me you will see my undisciplined attitude devoid of proper discipline. I love to drive fast. I created a record speed on the new Highway.
View the video below:

After the new Southern Highway was built I was in the committee which prescribed the speed limits. See our Gossiplanka letter in this regard from HERE:

Shihan marries Gishi
One of the final contestants in ‘Sirasa” super star season 1 contest popular singer Shihan Mihiranga married Gishi Silva according to religious rites at the Nayakanda St.Mary’s church in Hendala. Shihan Mihiranga had been in love with his bride for about 10 years.
The wedding had taken place yesterday. Some of the photographs taken at the Church are shown below:

Uproar at Magazine prison was mainly due to barriers in stopping of drugs brought in

According to the Colombo National Hospital authorities had not confirmed about a single death owing to yesterday’s clashes at the Magazine Prison premises. But the BBC Sandeshaya programme had confirmed that there had been 3 deaths contradicting the statement made by the Authorities of the Colombo’s National Hospital authorities.
The main reason for the uproar had been owing to the abrupt decision of a new Director, who had been transfered from the Kalutara prison where he had curbed such acts successfully. Within a matter of 4 days he had laid down stringent rules to curb drugs been smuggled through various ways. He had totally stopped these illegal activities during a few days after his appointment. 
The uproar had begun by the prison inmates owing to the new rules brought in by the new Director Emil Ranjith, the usage of mobile phones not to be used within the prison premises and also had asked to scrutinise  all lunch parcels brought from outside for the inmates. The protest uproar had begun thereafter by the affected inmates by climbing on to the roof and setting fire to one building where the books in a library had been burnt along with very important documents needed for court cases..
These new rules had to a great extent curtailed the activities of drugs addicts been smuggled into the premises of the prison. The uproar was a furious one with prisoners also protesting by hooting, throwing stones etc. As all drug addicts were housed in the Magazine prison and had been engaged in a drug business within the prison premises. The prisoners particularly those in this drug trade had got erupted as the smooth business and usage of drugs were abruptly stopped causing a havoc amongst them

The BBC Sandeshaya says 3 have succumbed to death
 The BBC’s Sandeshaya service had obtained information from a prison official and had disclosed in their channel that 3 had succumbed to injuries. But the Commissioner of Prisons had totally denied the statement. After the clashes 31 had been admitted to the Colombo’s National Hospital for injuries sustained. Out of them yesterday two had been critically injured with head and leg injuries. According to Hospital sources they are also recovering fast.
The BBC Sandesaya web site video could be heard from HERE:

Nehara and Menaka in snowy Massachusetts Eastern region:

Nehara’s and Menaka’s visit to Boston city in America in connection of attending to a Tele drama shooting in the Eastern Massachusetts area was reported in this web site yesterday.
The shooting of the Tele drama, began shortly after arrival. The shooting took place in the Eastern region of snowy Massachusetts state in Boston city. The ‘Mahurat’ ceremony too was held in the Tele drama named “Adaraneeya Nayagam”. The shooting had to done under extremely cold conditions and all those who acted had to wear adequately the most possible warmest clothing to resist the cold, perhaps not seen in Tele-drams before. These pictures are shown below. Also shown is the manner the duo Nehara and Menaka were reading the script from the laptop of Nehara.

Yes I did leave Swarnavahini but on my own accord without conflicts with the Management:
Although there were minor conflicts what had been disclosed in the web sites are all wrong


My resigning from Swarnavahini is the gospel truth. Although I left on my own accord.The stories that were unfolded in the various web sites are totally incorrect. The true story had been disclosed by the Head of the news division, Harendra Jayalal at an interview published in today’s ‘Lakbima’ paper. He had disclosed that he will not join any other TV channel but he had already planned to commence his own Academy by the end of this month. Anyway he will continue to present the popular Poya day programme”Ama Dhara” as a free lance presenter and not as an employee of Swarnavahini
The full newspaper interview is appended below:

When you resigned from the Swarnavahini there was a lot of Gossip spread in web sites as it was due to unresolved conflicts you have had with the Management of the Swarnavahini institution?.
The web site information are all wrong. It is true that I resigned as it was in my mind for some time and commence my own Academy for TV presenters. I had served Swarnavahini for 10 long years. I thought for myself that I would become stale and would be disliked by viewers and provide an opportunity for a talented youngster in my place for him too to be groomed as a competent presenter.
I was given the chair as the Head of the news division 3 years ago. I had the intention and was determined to make the Swarnavahini news channel the best in Sri Lanka. Within this period my main motive and goal was to make the Swarnavahini TV news channel the best in Sri Lanka. But I was able to accomplish my desired results much earlier in just 6 months. I was planning to resign when I was at the helm. I was thinking for some time, planning in launching and forming my own Academy after leaving Swarnavahini to groom talented youngsters. It was mot my desire  to stagnate and stay at one place as people would start to dislike me hanging on without seeing new talented youngsters performing. With my future plans well laid and about get off the blocks I tendered my resignation last week.
But the reports that were in the Media, particularly in web sites is that I had tendered my resignation purely owing to conflicts I had with the Management.
This is all untrue. I never had any sorts of conflicts with the Management. The EAP group as a whole did not like at all about my tendering the resignation. The Chairperson Soma Edirisinghe and all the Directors disliked my leaving and even made a plea for me to continue with my good work which all of them highly appreciated.
Since my decision was purely to better my prospects and to groom talented youngsters in this field they were helpless and also i could not change my decision I had taken some time back. As it was my sole discretion they had to tender my letter of resignation. If I had left in regard to my status, position or issues in regard to my salary they had a chance to make a plea in regard to my resignation. In that case they would have definitely  had negotiations with me in order to revert my drastic decision.
I have told them that my services or valuable advice is always available to them if needed. All what I earned from the Swarnavahini TV channel is that I was afforded the opportunity to exhibit my talents to the maximum. What was stated in numerous web sites that my resignation was mainly due to numerous conflicts I have had with the Management is totally incorrect interpretations.

After leaving Swarnavahini have you got any lucrative offers from other TV channels?
Although I am not an employee of the Swarnavahini Tv channel i will continue to be the presenter of the Poya Day “AMA DHARA” programme as a free lancer. But to work in any capacity in any other TV channel I have no idea at all.

Did you feel sorry for leaving “Swarnavahini”?
This is question posed to me by many of my close associates. I appreciated every bit of work I contributed to the Swanavahini. I was recognised by so many and I made a household name for myself without the slightest doubt. There were no misunderstands and I am very happy having left with a clear conscience. I derived an immense amount of satisfaction as I without any hesitation convey to all that I very humbly contributed hugely on the duties entrusted to me for the enhancement of the standards of the institution.

You had left Swarnavahini to launch on a new project with the honest intention of grooming talented announcers.
Yes. I had made all arrangements to commence a new project with the launching of “BEST VOICE MEDIA ACADEMY”. It has been already planned and is due to be opened on the 28th of this month. I had noticed that when new presenters were interviewed I had observed that they only needed to become just presenters only. To develop innate talents hardly anyone had made attempts. But I have studied their attitudes and know well the qualities they should possess. There are various requisites needed to develop the talents already instilled within them. My sole intention is to develop their innate talents and abilities further through research and perseverance. Once they accomplish these features they could walk into any interview without fear and succeed having the needed confidence. This would in the manner I developed my skills while working at the Swarnavahini. I am prepared and equipped to implement my proposed goals and tasks from the bottom of my heart very intentionally.

The interview Letter published in today’s Lakbima paper by Kishan Kanange.

 “Kusa Baba”  to be released tomorrow.
To felicitate 65 years the Sinhala film industry in Sri Lanka, the new film produced by Professor Sunil Ariyaratna is to be released tomorrow. Its initial launch was held a few days back. It was attended by the First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa together with a number of popular film artistes in Sri Lanka.
Below are a collection of photographs taken at this launching ceremony.

Photographs by Sandesh Bandara

Videos of the fire and those prisoners who received burnt injuries and those who were hurt by rubber bullets screaming are heard:

The Video pictures of the huge uproar and the pandemonium at the Welkada, Magazine section of the prison are shown below in videos taken by Sirasa, and ”Derana’ Tv channels.Those who were hurt by rubber bullets screaming scenes in pain are also heard and seen BELOW:

Sirasa Video

Derana Video

UP DATES 3.35 p.m.
The hostile situation existed at the new Magazine prison. There were worries and speculations whether Sarath Fonseka was also affected. He is very safe as he was under arrest in the normal prison. A Police media Spokesman had told that he is perfectly safe as the hostilities were made by those in the new Magazine prison.
During the period 1- 2 p.m the hostilities could not be controlled properly and the prisoners had tried to set fire to the third building. To prevent this occurrence Police had used tear gas to disperse the violent Prisoners who were demanding the removal of a Prison Chief. Owing to the latest clashes the total number who had to be admitted to the Colombo’s General Hospital exceeded 30 in number. What is shown below are some of the latest videos of “Sirasa” and “Derana TV channels. The motive of these hostilities was to chase away a new Prison Chief who had been appointed who had changed various systems that existed in the Magazine prison.

UPDATES 1.25 p.m
To chase away a newly appointed as the Prison Head to a section at the Magazine prison, the Prisoners made a huge uproar. In protest a group of Prisoners had got on top of the Prison roof pleading to remove the newly appointed Head to that section. There was a pandemonium in these premises as the prison officials and Guards tried their best to arrest the situation and to bring down the fire they had set to the building. It is learnt several important documents pertaining to record of drug dealers had been burnt which may have been the motive of the fire. During the breaking the fire several Prison officials, Prison guards and Prisoners were injured .Up to now 21 Persons have been injured and hospitalised. Among them are 2 Prisoners who had been injured seriously. Among them were 19 prison officers who have been treated in the Colombo’s General hospital.
What is shown below are video’s of “Sirasa” and “Derana” TV channels for viewing

UPDATES  AT 12.35 p.m.

Due to the fire that broke out the Prisoners could not be kept in their usual position and hence with the assistance of buses they were transferred to alternate locations. Some of those admitted to Hospital had received gunshot injuries to Chests and legs and it is still to be confirmed how they received serious injuries. Owing to this pandemonium there had been a terrific traffic jam along baseline Road. It is reported owing to this congestion the roads have been closed for traffic .It is reported that when the fire broke out the Prisoners had started to hoot.

UPDATES 12.20 p.m.
During the time of the fire there had been a huge uproar by the prisoners and they had jeered in loud tones.
It is reported reliably that this uproar had begun due to the attitude of a newly appointed prison Head to that section, whose actions were disliked by the prisoners who were already in the cells of that particular section. When the fire broke out the Fire Brigades were called to stop the fire from spreading. In order to bring the situation under control the Prison officers had to summon the Special Police Task Force to bring the conflict under control via rear guard action.

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