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Wife of suspect has had no illicit love affair. But in contrary the suspect had got involved with a young wealthy Executive Officer from Negombo, the suspect had made a confession to the Police.

 The husband who killed his wife a teacher at the Princess of Wales National School and the two small kids is Vimukthi Chathuranga de Silva had revealed to the police the actual facts of the killings when questioned. These are the most recent revelations disclosed.
His initial confession that his wife had been having an illicit love affair and it was the reason for the triple murder and the second son just one month old was not from him. Now the suspect had unfolded a complete contrary story. He had revealed to his wife that he had commenced a love affair with a young wealthy Executive officer. They had argued on this matter on the 17th night around 12 p.m. and have had a very serious argument. Through sheer anger the suspect had strangled her to death. He had further revealed to the Police that the elder son had seen this incident had cries “archchi’ and tried to run away from the room. The suspect had not allowed him to escape but had made him to die also through the same process of strangulation.
Then the suspect had kept the one month old son near the breast of the dead body of his wife as he was drinking milk and then kept them on the mattress in a sleeping position and covered with the mosquito net, had poured perfume on the net and had lit a candle with a box of matches, set fire had fled away upstairs by closing the door. This he had disclosed was an attempt to escape from been suspected for the triple murder. No one else in the house had known anything about the murders.
  The following morning the 18th the Mother of the  suspect had come to watch the television and had searched for the daughter in law and the kids. She had got a shock when she saw the room in smoke had screamed. Then the others inside the house had come running and tried to put off the smoke
The Mt Lavinia when questioned the suspect it was known that he had been a Senior Executive officer attached to garment factory. He had drawn a monthly salary of more than Rupees one hundred thousand. The suspect owing to a personal conflict had left the employer about three weeks back and had been staying at home in a frustrated manner with a bad temper and also in a very angry mood, perhaps thinking of his illicit love affair with a very young girl.
He had disclosed to the Police that he had commenced the illicit love affair about three months back before his wife gave birth to his second child. He has confessed to the Police that he had been a constant customer who patronised ‘massage’ clinics.
The Mother is 57 years old and the suspect had not been her own son .She had brought him up as she had no children. In fact she had been her step son. When this was disclosed to the Police the suspect had yelled and cried loudly. He had been sent to a popular Colombo school and had been a bright student .He had passed the Advanced level examination with two distinctions and one credit pass.
The step Mother had been a counselling teacher and now a pensioner. She had led a very respectable life and has had connections whatsoever with this triple murder it was disclosed by the Police during investigations. Although the suspect initially confessed that his murdered wife has had an illicit love affair, she totally denied knowing any such thing and it was the same with the house maid or  for that any matte  by any outside person.
It is learnt that the suspect had felt as disclosed by him to the Police he had felt very ashamed to request his wife for a divorce in order to marry the young girl with whom he is having an illicit love affair. He had disclosed to the Police that it would bring him a black mark. He was in fact feared to face the Court authorities in that respect.
The suspect had been produced before courts. The magistrate had requested a report on his mentality be obtained by a psychiatrist.  He had been ordered to be remanded until the next hearing. The police are conducting further investigations.
The earlier report that the suspect had believed that his infant second son is not his story could be read from HERE:

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