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“I didn’t know that he was married because I wasn’t told”
-21 year old girl friend talks

A lot of facts have been revealed about the triple murder that took place at Ratmalana. The 34 year old Vimukthi Madhuranga de Silva has faked his age as if he is 27 years old and has started an affair with a 21 year old teacher who has been working at an international school in Negombo. She hasn’t known the truth about him until she has heard about the murder. 
It has been revealed that he had committed this murder with the intention of marrying her. It was also reported that they were planning on taking a grand wedding at Mount Lavinia Hotel after the murder by hiring a couple to act as his parents.. It is revealed that he has reserved a date to meet her parents in Kalutara to talk about the wedding. The suspect has confessed after the murder and the police have called the girl friend to give a deposition and she has stated:
“I got to know Madhuranga at a class in Colombo. I did a diploma to learn French. Madhuranga too came for another class which was close to mine. After getting introduced to him, he sent me miss calls and messages every now and then. He told me that he is 27 years old and that he was at a private company in an Executive capacity and that he is from Kalutara. We spoke very often. He has never told me that he was married. I am 21 years old and I teach at an International school in Negombo. I met him quite recently. After a month, he wanted our friendship to be an affair. My parents too agreed as he was a educated person. They wanted to meet his parents.
We were planning to meet his parents. We met at Galle Face and we have gone to the Independence Square as well. We spent most of the time in his vehicle talking. He wanted to take our wedding at the Mount Lavinia hotel. My parents were getting prepared to visit his parents on the 23rd. Then he called us on the 18th morning and told that he has to go to Singapore for some work and that he has to delay the date fixed for the meeting. I realized later that he has spoken to me the after the murder. I heard about this murder through the media but I didn’t know it was him till late. When the police called, I couldn’t believe that at all. I will never start such a relationship had I known that he was married.”
It has been revealed that Maduranga has done the murders very diplomatically in order to marry this girl. He has faked his age thinking that the girl will reject her if she gets to know that he is 34 years old. He has confessed that he bought a house in Kalutara and paid for a man and a woman to act as his parents. He has been questioned for over 16 hours yet he hasn’t revealed anything and he has confessed only during the last few hours.
It was also reported that a prison inmates have assaulted him while he had been in the custody. Other inmates have injured him for committing such an inhuman murder of his kids and his wife. Afterwards the police had put him to another cell.
The case will be heard on the 01st of January next year.

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