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The Officer who was proved to have had a hand in this paper leak issue arrested:

In the G.C.E (Ord level) examination held recently the Science and the Mathematics paper had leaked out and even distributed among students in some areas by selling them for large sums of money.
A few house easier a responsible officer in the Department of Examinations who had acted irresponsibly proved by the officers of the Criminal Investigation department had been ordered to be arrested pending further investigations.
It had revealed that of the papers that leaked had been sent to some areas in the outstation before the commencement of the examination, which had been sold to students at very high prizes. It has also been proved that one very popular’maestro’ Science tuition Master, Sampath Attalage who had prepared model question papers too had been arrested. The officers of the CID have commenced investigations from the officer of the department of examination and the famous tuition Sir.
In terms of the investigations conducted it is not known yet whether the question papers would be cancelled all together of whether they would be cancelled in the areas that the papers had leaked. Still a definite decision has not been arrived yet. The officer attached to the department of Examinations had been arrested after the CID conducted investigations.
In this connection the CID is carrying out uninterrupted investigations:

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