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O/L Science and Mathematics papers have been sold for Rs.8000/-

It is now reported that O/L Science and Mathematics first papers have been sold out for Rs.8000/- at Veyangoda. This is not relevant to the fraud of the maestro tuition ‘Sir’ whom we reported recently. It is said that the Mathematics and the Science papers have been sold out. It is revealed that the Science paper had been released on the 16th, the day before the exam and the Mathematics paper which was to be given on the 17th too has been sold by people who have gone from house to house.
It was also said that the people who have to sell Mathematics papers have showed the Science Model papers to convince their buyers by showing the similarities of the two. They have also told them to keep it a secret.
It is also reported that a tuition Master has bought these papers and he has distributed them among his students. This has been someone else and not Sampath Aththalage who was caught distributing some other papers and his inquiries are still been conducted.
Newspaper article by courtesy of ‘Divaina’

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