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Astrologer Chandrasiri Bandara has predicted that elements from an outer world will invade the world in the year 2013 during a discussion in a FM radio channel

Astrologer Chandrasiri Bandara had reiterated in a FM radio channel discussion that the end of the world story in December 2012 is totally incorrect. The world would never end as predicted. However he had predicted that elements from an outer world would invade in the year 2013.In the FM radio discussion he had got entangled with a listener and has had an argument.
It was in the ‘V’ FM radio channel when one listener Nihal had argued with him which had made him furious in anger, while addressing him as a ‘DONKEY’ in the course  of the argument which the entire Sri Lankan’s who were listening to the channel had heard. The argument was as follows:

A listener one Nihal had said that”such an occurrence stated above would never happen, is very difficult to imagine.”

Chandrasiri Bandara: Mr Nihal please tell me  what is that you do not believe in?”
Mr Nihal :”Why ‘Mahattaya’ why are you reiterating as so many had already told it.”
Chandrasiri Bandara: “Yes, yes please tell something that I had told. I am not just an astrologer like many others. Please listen intelligently without wasting my valuable time. As a listener please listen patiently to what I tell. I have not told at any time that the world is going to end .I am telling to all ‘donkeys’. You bug...listen to me and understand to what is told. I am telling the whole country to hear. Do not behave like a primitive unknowledgeable person. I am advising you very strongly.”

The video of the discussion could be viewed from BELOW:

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