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Committing suicide without any reason is a mystery:
The day before yesterday night in front of the daughters and wife the Head Quarters Inspector of the Elpitiya Police station B.D.L.L.Budagodage (41) had committed suicide by shooting himself on his chest with his official pistol. Until now his committing suicide without any particular reason remains a mystery. According to his wife he has had no problems with her or any other problem she could recollect for him to commit suicide.
She had confessed that she just cannot think of any reason at all why he did such an act. This had made her and her little daughters stranded. In this connection the wife of the deceased Head Quarters Inspector, Shiromi Priyanka Weerasinghe ,38 years old had this to say........
“My husband up to very recently, consumed liquor daily. But he gave up the habit totally. Then he started to take part in Buddhist activities. He used to observe ‘sil’ on every poya day. He was a total different person after he gave up drinking.
On the day of the incident he had gone on a raid at 7 pm and had returned to his office around 8.30 pm. After completing his work in the office he had returned to his quarters around 9.15 pm. He called the eldest daughter and told her look after the two younger daughters while he stroked her head. Suddenly he took his official pistol from his waist and shot himself in his chest. We could not believe our eyes. We were simply shocked and dumbfounded. The daughters started to scream loudly. On hearing the screams the Police officers came to the quartes and rushed him to the Elpitiya Base hospital. Before admission he had succumbed to the injuries caused to his heart area. This made me and my daughters left stranded.
Both of us never had conflicts. He was a very loving and caring husband to me and very caring and attached to the daughters. He used to go through their school lessons every day and helped in their studies. We loved him more than we loved our lives. This incident is like a dream to me. I just cannot understand why this happened.”

After his demise he was separated from his wife and daughters Enashima (12), Princis , (10) and the youngest daughter Induwari (05).The elder two daughters have been studying in Grade 6 & 4 classes at the Ambalangoda Dharmasoka Vidyalaya while the youngest was in a preschool.
Elpitiya Magistrate Kesara Samaradiwakara had visited his official residence and had checked his injuries and the pistol. He had ordered his body to be taken the mortuary at the Elpitiya Base hospital. The special Judiciary Medical Officer of the Elpitiya Base hospital Ruwan Nanayakkara has held a post mortem and had confirmed the cause of death as a suicide caused by injuries to his heart by gunshot injuries and subsequent profuse bleeding.
For this mysterious death it is suspected to have some reason which the Police are conducting inquiries as it is still a mysterious death.

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