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An Ayurvedic lady doctor has experimented with garden grown herbs to make medicine to cure any dengue patient within two days

In the recent past there had been quite a number of unfortunate deaths, particularly school children after acquiring dengue fever. However a lady doctor who is qualified ayurvedic doctor had researched and experimented on a medicine from herbs grown in the garden to find a proper medicine to combat the dengue fever. She has to date cured over 100 patients within just two days.
She hails from Ambalangoda and is Dr Ms Tharanga Kumari Wickremasinghe who had researched for the medicine for over two years. She is qualified as an ayurvedic physician. Her treatment is for the entire body. The herbs are grown in her garden which are dried and then grinded as a powder. The patient has to mix the powdered medicine with hot water and has to be taken according to her instructions.
She had researched on this medicine for about two years while she was studying. She had confessed that the there were ayurvedic treatment that could be made to cure dengue; no one did take the trouble in doing research. She has already obtained the ‘Patent’ license. She is prepared to treat and cure any patient without any charges.

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