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Youth who had videoed a girl undressing by keeping laptop cam switched on had been arrested:

A complaint made at the Mt. Lavinia Police station by a father of two daughters had stated that a neighbour youth had attempted to video his two daughters while changing dresses.
He had used a laptop video cam for that. This youth who is said to be a boyfriend of one of his daughters had come one morning asking whether he could charge his laptop as the laptop battery had gone dead. He had been residing in the neighbourhood.
He had connected the laptop charger into a plug point in his daughter’s room and he had gone keeping the laptop switched on. Two daughters who have been up at that time had helped him.
The father has told that he had left for work and that his two daughters too have left the house. Afterwards, the youth had come several hours later when only his son had been at home.
His fifteen year old son had noticed the youth watching some videos while taking the charger off. He had seen that it’s a video of his sisters taken while they have been changing clothes in the morning. The youth had left keeping his laptop switched on letting it to video what had been happening in the room.
That youth’s girl friend is said to be 19 years old and her sister had been 17 years old.
After the youth taking his laptop, the son had called his father to tell the story and the father who had been mad at hearing this had made a complaint against the youth at Mount Lavinia Police station. That is how Ranga Sankha Weerasinghe had been arrested.
Mount Lavinia Magistrate Courts had ordered him to be remanded for two weeks. 

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