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A small Monorail train from Fort to Battaramulla

A project had been launched to build a small train also called a Monorail from Fort to Battaramulla. An agreement was signed with a Korean company last week.
Many countries in the world are using Monorails which help people to travel from one place to another without getting stuck due to traffic jams. It had been named “MONORAIL” as only one rail is used for this. It runs with electricity and there are ones that run with diesel as well.
There aren’t conductors in these trains and it works automatically when a card is used which could be bought from the station by paying for it.
There are taped recordings to announce where the train will be stopped. It will take the passengers from town to town without any delay avoiding traffic.
It will cost Rs 6500 million for the first step of this project which will be from Fort to Battaramulla and the next step is to be from Moratuwa, Maradana and Kaduwela. This had been undertaken by the Korean company called ‘Gramp Space’ with the support and assistance of Katubedda, Moratuwa University.
Published ‘BELOW” is a video which was telecast in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia about the use of Monorails.

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