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Attanagalla residents disturbed and frightened by a ‘SPIRIT’ resembling’ MOHINEE’:

A popular talk is now spread at all corners of Attangalla city and village area that a ‘Spirit’ is walking around the area which several people had seen with their own eyes.
It is reported that owing to this severe scare people refrain from staying outside their houses. It is learnt that after 6 p.m, residents lock their houses and remain indoors.
This matter is not a myth as several people had been subjected to death scares by this ‘spirit’-Mohinee. It is reported that this ‘spirit’ who is clad in full white stops passing vehicles and request, she be given gifts. She then enters the vehicle or a three wheeler. But she disappears and vanishes after a few minutes.
Since this incident was revealed people through sheer fear are now stay confined to their houses after 6 p.m having locked their respective dwelling houses.
Stories many had earlier that a ‘spirit’, ‘Mohinee’ usually comes clad in with a baby and requests someone whom she meets to carry the baby for a moment. This ‘spirit’ is not like that.
Into this incident no investigations are yet to commence’

While reading this incident what comes to mind is a comedy story telecast by the ’Sirasa’ TV, producing ‘Hina-Hina’ programme involving this ‘spirit’ dressed in white with a three wheeler driver.
This video could be viewed from BELOW

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