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My enemies have edited and changed my preaching’s of real dharma sermons
: Ven Samanthabadra Thera

In the recent past there was a huge uproar in the electronic and print media the Dhamma preaching’s of the then Ven Pitiduwe Siri Dhamma Thera, now after change of name Ven.Samanthabadra Thera has alleged that his real dharma preaching’s in the internet sent via the ‘Siri Sadaham Sevana’ web site had been edited, distorting what he had really said in his dharma sermons.
It was reported earlier that his ‘Siri Sadaham Sevana’ monastery and temple premises were surrounded by his enemies who had wanted take possession of it and acquiring it, as he had changed his name.  In that context that the premises no longer belonged to him. During this planned exercise one of the supporters of the opposite side had grabbed some his photographs which were in the Thera’s camera and brought disrepute to the Thera by publishing in the internet in various web sites. The prime intention was to sling ‘mud’ at the Thera.
There had been a ‘Sil’ campaign at the temple on last Poya Day. The sermons delivered by the Thera had been inserted ‘live’ into the web site of ‘Siri Sadaham Sevana’ monastery and temple web site for the benefit of so many foreigners who are interested viewing them. The enemies had edited them into a different version and published in the internet to bring disrepute to the Thera.
Some working on these web sites probably the Thera’s enemies had even gone to the extent of making ‘videos’ distorting the correct version to sling ‘mud’ at the Thera. The prime objective of the Thera’s enemies is to bring disrepute to his sermons and to defame the name he has established above other senior monks. It is also learnt that some attractive photos have been deleted by unscrupulous elements. They have only made these changes bringing disrepute to Lord Buddha, which had been confessed by Ven Samanbadra Thera.
If one has to be contented about his valuable preaching’s the entire sermon has had to be listened to. However the Thera is of the opinion that the listener has to think and come to a conclusion what version is correct.
It was known to the public that Ven Pitiduwe Siri Dhamma had to go into litigation against false allegations, against his association with women, for wearing a T shirt while inside a jungle in a country having a cold climate and against his association with certain prominent personnel. He also had been accused by changing his name as he is on the verge of emerging above over all other Buddhist monks,
At the preaching he made on the last Poya day the correct video could be seen and heard from BELOW:

The reports of the earlier incidents reported in our web site could be read from HERE:

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