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 Suspect of Kahawatta double murder is Minister John Seneviratna’s Co-ordinating Secretary:

The suspects taken into custody had confessed to the Police that they committed the double murder to the CID when questioned during investigations. They have confessed that they were responsible for the two murders. One of the suspects is a Member of Godakawela Pradeshiya Sabha L.M.Dharmasiri’s brother. His brother had killed one person. Nayana Nilmini 52 years old had been killed inside the house.
The daughter a school girl only 18 years of age had been dragged away and killed after she was raped. Her body was found 3 kilometres away from her house hidden near inside a bush. All blood stains had been cleaned as the suspects finger prints would be found.
It is learnt that the killings were done on the instructions from Member of Pradeshiya Sabha L.M.Dharmasiri who had lived in a neighbouring house to that of the murdered woman and daughter. The reward offered for the killing had been to gift a land in the vicinity it was disclosed to the CID by the suspects. The accused it is learnt is the co-ordinating secretary of Minister John Seneviratna had fled out of kahawatta with his family and had gone into hiding which the Police has so far failed to locate.
It is learnt that despite the villages giving clues to the Police the suspect had been asked a few vague questions and released which had provoked the villages. However the Media never kept quiet insisting to find and apprehend the killers. Investigations were taking his due toll on this matter perhaps as politicians were involved. Although Politicians were involved it is great to hear that the Police was very impartial in giving the correct verdict.
The incident had occurred on the 1st of February. The two 52 and 18 years of age were murdered while they were all alone in the house. The Father and Son were employed in Colombo. The Son had telephoned home and as there was no answer he had wondered why. The bodies were recovered only 2 Days later.
Although the people and the media made several protests the medical report called for had not revealed anything further. The houses were burnt only when the names of the suspects were disclosed by the Police.
However the main suspect who masterminded the killings member of Pradeshiya Sabha has gone into hiding. The attitude of the Police appears to be very lethargic to find his whereabouts. The Police should be able to find him soon.

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