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Suspects of Kahawatta killers try to act like ‘Babies:

Those who were suspected and connected to the Kahawatta double murder, namely Raju, his wife and the three wheeler driver Sanath has made some alarming stories, which could be described as ‘childish’.
At the first instance they had been summoned by the Police and arrested. The pressure had not at all diminished. The main suspect the Member of Pradeshiya Sabha,Godakawela, Dharmasiri who had now fled the village into hiding with his family members has in the first instance had shouted at the Police OIC. The other suspect had come to the funeral house after consumption of ‘ganja’. The villages were alarmed by the manner he behaved, the villages could not believe what he uttered. All these are described clearly in an article in today’s ‘Rivira’ paper. The translation is appended below:

After 4 days after the murder the main suspect Raju was arrested by the Police. The member of Pradeshiya Sabha’s brother had used absence language and scolded the Police personnel. He had blasted the OIC of the Kahawatta Police station in a high tone and Sub Inspector, Wickremasinghe. He had said “Ado” who are you to question my brother? “Tho” should realise that you are occupying this seat because of my brother. This was made as an entry in the log book and it was produced to the SSP of the area.
In the meantime new revelations have been unearthed regarding this double murder. It is learnt that Raju had consumed ‘ganja’ to activate his brain to be steadier. It has been revealed that Raju and the 3 wheeler driver had taken the dead body of kavindya to a spot at Opatha area, which was one of their favourite spots for illegal activities.  A place where, they used to brew illicit liquor. When the villages had come in great grief for the funerals of the two murdered Raju too had come to the scene. He had said I just cannot view the dead bodies as I am so upset”. At the time of the burial of the two dead bodies they were in the same state of mind in total grievance.
Anyway they were summoned by the Police to give evidence. They had confessed that “after everything was over that the former ‘Boothaya had once more come to kill innocent people”. “He should be caught and brought to Pradeshiya Sabha and killed in front of all villages for killing the innocent girl and her mother.”In this manner Raju wanted to collaborate the story of the ‘Boothaya” to coincide with this double murder.
At the funeral Raju and his wife Asoka Nilmini had made screaming cries and wept near the corpses.” Who did this crime for these two individuals, who would never proper in their lives. They should die through lightning”. Although they said such stories no one was perturbed or convinced by their childish sayings.
After the funeral they were both taken into police custody to further investigations and to get other revelations
It was brought to light that the main suspect had burnt that were found behind the Opatha residence. These were put into a bag and thrown into a lake which was found by the Police during investigations. In some of the clothes there had been blood stains which had not been washed properly.
In this bundle of clothes there had been men’s wear, curtains. Women’s night wear. The girls dead body had been laid on the ground on a pice of bed sheet which had not been crushed. This was perhaps a ploy of the murderer to prove that there had been no raping involved and that it would been a homicide. However the under clothes of Nayana Nilmini were found in the bundle to show proof that hers was a rape and not a murder. From the investigations it had been revealed that 99% that the killings were not after subjecting to rape. However DNA reports have been called for to verify about them.
When the police initially met the member of Gorakawela Pradeshiya Sabha he had said he has already deployed spies to find out who the real killers are.
It is reliably learnt that the main suspect and Late Nilmini’s families had been closely knit families. At a recent wedding Kavindya had been made the bridesmaid for one of their weddings .On the 31st December Kavindya had lost her mobile phone and the main suspect had bought and given her a new phone. So it proves that the two families have had close links.
The main suspect is now in police custody and investigations are proceeding to get more revelations about this double murder.

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