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A new documentary video on war crimes telecast on Channel 4 in UK early this morning

Another documentary video on war crimes was telecast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom last night. It was termed as “UNPUNISHED WAR CRIMES”. It was telecast at 10.55 p.m in London, which was at 4.25 a.m in Sri Lanka..
It is learnt that this documentary has emphasised on war crimes that took place in Sri Lanka during the latter stages of the ethnic war. The main theme of this documentary video was violation of human rights. The copies of this video have been received by us too. The manner Prabhakaran’s son was killed had been highlighted and focussed in particular.
The LTTE supporters had given enough publicity to this video however there had been large protests by many Sri Lankans living in the UK against the telecast of the video. Those involved in the production of this documentary video had made attempts to show it at the Geneva Human Rights Council. But their attempts had proved futile.
This documentary video shown in Channel 4 could be viewed fully from BELOW:

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