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Duminda Silva’s brother Reynor Silva appeared before courts for the first time.

Reynor Silva ,Duminda Silva’s brother appeared before courts for the first time today. That was when the case against slain Bharatha was called up for hearing.
On behalf of his brother Duminda Silva appeared with regard to give evidence in regard to a number of vehicles amounting to Rs 28.5 m belonging to Duminda Silva which are in Police custody. Reynor Silva is the brother of Duminda Silva, is the owner of “Hiru’ FM radio channel and web site. Duminda Silva’s factions pleaded to the additional Magistrate that Duminda Silva is not a suspect to this case. However the Additional Magistrate Prasanna Alwis confirmed that he is a suspect and his decision would not change under any circumstances.  Altogether 16 suspects were called for the hearing and the case was postponed.

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