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Nehara and Menaka in America
for Tele Drama Shooting

These days Nehara and Menaka are on a tour of the United States for shooting of a Tele drama. Nehara had recently separated from her first husband. During the time of her first marriage she disclosed that Menaka had nothing to do with the breakage of her marriage.
However those in the Tele drama field the talk about Nehara and Menaka is widely spread. It is learnt that they are to portray characters in a Tele drama named “ Adaraneeya Nayagara” produced by Chitral De Mel to be completed in 1 ½ months.
The letters published in regard to Nehara’s separation:
Menaka’s confession that he was not responsible for the breakage of the marriage:
Nehara’s linda Langa Sangamaya letter:
The video sung by Nehara “obey mage mi” song: all could be viewed and read.
What is shown in the photograph below is Nehara and Menaka at the Boston airport,America.
Janaka Kumbukage who is also portraying a role is also in the photos

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