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For making a death threat by showing a pistol Minister Fawzi’s son Nauser Fawzi arrested.
Minister Fawzi’s  eldest son Nauser Fawzi , a Colombo District Council Member while driving his Montero vehicle along Torrington square, road near a famous club had see one of his enemies Mustaq Mohamed, riding a push cycle. He had cut the vehicle towards him. But his enemy has had a narrow escape, Nauser Fawzi had got off the vehicle and taken out his pistol and threatened to kill him.
The incident had happened last Friday. When the matter was reported to Police he had been produced before the Colombo’s Chief Magistrate, Rashmi Singappuli. The pistol and the Montero vehicle had been ordered to be taken in to police custody and the Chief Magistrate had ordered Nauser Fawzi to be remanded. A full report on this incident is to be produced before courts on the 20th of April.

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