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Scanned and X-ray photographs of Duminda Silva’s head

During the recent Mulleriya incident M.P. Duminda Silva had received serious injuries to his head through firing of bullets. It has been revealed that some bullets had pierced through his head. As a result a very complex and a complicated brain operation had to be performed. This was revealed in courts by President’s Counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya.
In support of his evidence 19 scanned photographs had to be produced to courts. The damages caused to his head and brain, how bullets entered and piercing the head were proved by the photographs and X-rays submitted to courts. The bullets were fired at distances between 10-12 centimetres and it had occurred when M.P. Duminda Siva was looking down.
It could not be revealed and proved correctly from statements made as everything had happened within a period of 30 seconds. It has been stated that other shootings had taken place after Duminda Silva was shot. The photographs shown below are those produced to courts have been obtained via the ‘Hiru’ FM web site.

The Sinhala wordings of the photographs shown below:

1 Picture taken after the serious operation was completed
2 When M.P. Duminda Silva was shot how the bullets entered and went through piercing the head through X –rays.(no 01)
3 The X-ray photographs taken When  M.P. Duminda Silva was shot how the bullets pierced through the head (No 02)

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