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Tele Actress caught again

A few months ago a new Tele Actress Anushka Senali Sayakkara was arrested suspected in running a mobile prostitution service, which erupted much speculation, had been arrested by the Police once again. The reason is different and is because she had threatened her father requesting for money.
In the earlier occasion she was arrested by the Mrihana Police and released on bail. She had requested her father for Rs 1 lakh, which he had given. She had for the second time had requested for another Rs 1 lakh by threatening him. The father Chandrasiri Sayakkara who lives in Slave Island had complained to the Police for self defense. When she was produced to Courts she had been bailed out for a sum of Rs 4000/-
28 year old Anushka Senali, three months back was arrested by the Mirihana Police for prostitution. It was discussed by more prominent Tele Actors and Actresses, that Actresses of her calibre who only portray minor roles in ‘Mega’ Tele dramas bring discredit to the Tele drama industry and tarnish the good image of other Actors and Actresses by such acts and behaviour.
A video clip from the ‘Mega’ Tele drama ‘Mila’ where Anushka portrayed a minor role is shown below:

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