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Hirunika to Politics

Hirunika Premachandra daughter of slain former M.P. Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra has revealed to the media that she intends entering to Politics.

“Thaththa was such a popular person. Where are the people of the other faction who shot Thaththa. Thaththa has not left anything for us. He only has earned the hearts of the people. To assist Thaththa my mother also left her job. My younger brother is still studying. I told Thaththi that incompetent people have been nominated to contest. He told me do not be in a hurry right now. I was abroad for 4 years and came back only last year. During his earlier election campaigns I was right in front. My brother does not like politics .I will not desert the Kolonnawa people. I like to continue to help Kolonnawa people; the manner Thaththi did .My intention is that.”
The letter published in ‘Lakbima’ paper about her views could be read from HERE:

She is in the Modelling field. Some of her pictures are shown below when she participated in the Miss Universe contest:HERE

The comments made by her 3 days ago to the ‘Sirasa’ TV.” Not to allow those involved to remain quiet” from HERE:

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