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Duminda sustained injuries from a deadly gun fire attack from a hired criminal
Hiru FM reveals it was done by a politician in Borella

There was a bit of a silence during the past few days regarding Duminda Silva’s incident. Today the brother of Duminda Silva, the owner of ‘Hiru FM’ expressed views about his brother’s shooting incident.
While Member of Parliament Duminda Silva was monitoring the activities of the Municipal Election activities in his electorate certain gunmen had shot him on the head causing serious injuries to his head. The accused according to his brother is a politician from Borella.”It was revealed that as the suspect could not win his seat he had manipulated the shooting incident.” The full story of the Hiru FM as appeared in their web site is as follows:

“The Member of Parliament is still unstable:

2011 October 19th 12.11 p.m.

On the 8th of this month during the Municipal Council elections when Duminda Silva was monitoring the activities in his electorate a group of perhaps underworld thugs had shot him on his head and at present is under treatment at the Intensive Care Unit of the Sri Jajewardenapura hospital after a brain operation.
The hospital sources had revealed that his condition cannot be told to precision. He appears to be recovering after the operation at a slow pace and that it cannot be confirmed that how long it would take from him to recover. Currently his condition is monitored by experienced specialists from here and overseas. His condition is monitored very closely with great interest.
It is learnt that there is a third party involvement to this case. It was revealed by the suspect who was taken in for questioning arrested in Chennai, India who had obtained sponsorship from a politician in Borella, according to the investigations carried out by the CID. This was made aware to the public via newspapers.
The Member of Parliament Duminda Silva had been very popular in Colombo as he had helped a lot of poor people. It has been revealed that a politician from Borella was unable to bear Duminda’s popularity and through sheer jealousy and done this conspiracy. From these stories and facts revealed the CID is conducting further investigations from the arrested suspect it has revealed”

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