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October 17
The left side of his body is paralysed

Duminda Silva is still in the Intensive care Unit of Sri Jayewardanapura Hospital. The panel of specialists are perturbed about his condition as it is not satisfactory. If he lives he would be a paralysed person for life. An operation was done to the right side of his head. But his left side of the body is completely paralysed.
Another bullet embedded in a delicate place of the brain is too risky to be removed as it would prove fatal. The bullet embedded is not harmful to him as the whole body may become paralysed.

All medical reports are confidential:
To take him overseas as requested by his family members is against the wished of the Specialist doctors. It is not good to even shake his body. All his medical reports are kept confidential. Even his family members have no access to them.

Only Duminda’s Mother and Sister had been allowed to see him for a moment:
After he was entered into the ICU no one was allowed to see or visit hi. Even Senior DIG Anura Senanayake who is conducting Bharatha’s investigations had not been allowed to see him. About 2 days ago a doctor who had not disclosed his name had told the ‘Sunday Leader’ that Duminda’s mother and sister were allowed just to see him for just a few minutes.

Duminda’s condition fluctuating, not clear:
Although he had regained consciousness he is still not speaking. His condition is very unstable according to specialist doctors. He is under close supervision according to the Director of Health at the Sri Jayewardanapura Hospital.

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