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Those stories are all incorrect
I am still the wife of Chris Purai
He stays behind me as a shadow

Popular actress Geetha Kumarasinghe,who is now 56 years old got married to Swiss National Chris Purai in the 1990 decade. However during the past decade there was not a single occasion where they had been seen together at any function. She had not even spoken of him during this period.
In this weekend’s ‘Rasaduna’ tabloid edition of ‘Silumina’ paper, at an interview she had confessed that the stories that she has connections with a few others are not true stories. However she says she is still the wife of Chris Purai who is staying behind me as my shadow.
The excerpts of the interview are appended below:
“I never forget that I am a devoted mother. I speak to my daughter twice or three times a week .I pay a visit to her every year. I need to tell something about my husband Chris Purai. The complete independence he has given me has to be dearly reminded. Whatever the people say I am still the husband of Chris Purai. This will be always during my life which will never vanish. I derive a big relief from him. If I married a Sri Lankan I would not have had this freedom. I will never be shaken up by these talks. Whatever problem I face I stay behind as a shadow of Chris.”

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