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Appointment of daughters of Ravindra Randeniya and Keheliya Rambukwella-to Foreign Service –Donkey story part 2

It is considered a great privilege to serve in a foreign Sri Lankan mission. To be appointed is regarded as a proud achievement as facilities are provided to live with their families provided with accommodation in the respective foreign missions abroad.
Hitherto those who wish to apply to serve in foreign Missions have to pass a very stern and a competitive examination. After which the approval of the President and the cabinet is needed to issue letters of appointment. It is reported in March this year leaving those who passed this stiff examination, appointments were made from a list of children of Politicians and Popular Artistes to fill these vacancies under severe 'duress'. When this information leaked out to those already in Foreign Missions, they had made protests which prompted the President to decline all appointments in the list submitted.
However after a lapse of 2-3 months, 11 children in this list without much fanfare had been quietly given appointments to serve in foreign Missions. This list includes the children of popular personalities. Accordingly Ravindra Randeniya’s daughter Umayangana Randeniya had been appointed to staff at the Sri Lankan embassy, Washington in America, Keheliya Rambukwella’s daughter Chamithri Jayanika Rambukwella  has been appointed to the Sri Lanka’s foreign mission in New York, also in America, while Sunethra Sarathchandra’s daughter Kishagothami Sarathchandra had been appointed to the Sri Lanka embassy in Paris. All these are political appointments, those have not passed the examination to be selected for Foreign Missions surpassing the government’s policy of appointing only those who pass the examination to qualify to apply to Foreign Missions.
The earlier decision of the President, published by ‘Gossiplankanews’ web site as Foreign Service Donkey Story Part 1 could be seen in the Sinhala edition

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