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Famous television announcer Surangi Kodituwakku married last week for the second time. The bridegroom was Sampath, a’ chef’ by profession. Minister Mervyn Silva was a quest at the wedding.
The tabloid edition ‘Rasaduna’ of the Silumina paper carried a news article. Below are some excerpts from the article:

Why did you decide to commence a new wedded life?
“Yes I did get married last week for the second time. I was married earlier and owing to various reasons I sought for a divorce. That was some time back. During that time I met Sampath. He works as a ‘CHEF’ in a popular hotel in Colombo. In addition he owns a private restaurant.”
How did you meet him?
“I met him at a certain function. Once I separated from my earlier marriage I never had any intention of marrying again. Once I met him this idea changed.Once I associated with him I came to a conclusion that he was good person. As it is difficult to live in this society as a single person I decided to marry.”
Why did you get a liking to him?
“Sampath had lived in Canada for some time. He has a good knowledge about the whole world. He minds his own business and never interferes with others lives and not inquisitive about others. For his good qualities I gave my consent”
Photographs of her wedding are shown below given to’ Gossiplankanews’ web site by Indika Mallawarachchi


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