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Lanka E News Web Site has been banned via a Judicial Order. Sri Lanka’s highly rated popular Web Site ‘WWW.E NEWS.COM’ has been banned in Sri Lanka by a court order today with immediate effect. This court order has been given by the PUGODA Magistrate for certain insults made in accusations by journalist Shantha Wijesuriya during the hearing of the proceedings of the case. He has been accused of making false allegations when the case was called up. The application for allowing bail made by Shantha Wijesuriya was totally refused by the Magistrate and hence he was further remanded on the orders of the Magistrate.
Until the completion of the case the court order imposed to ban the E News Web Site would stand. On a previous occasion the News Editor of E News web site was also remanded for been proved guilty of charges for threatening. On an earlier instance too, during the month of January the E news office was reported burnt.

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