How Hirunika, Malsha, Otara, Iraj, Bhathiya, Mahela - Sanga bathed in ice water  Obama refused to bathe   Criticism from Pamela that it is an organisation which harasses animals

The ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Ice-bucket Challenge has already become popular in the internet and it has been launched with the objective of collecting funds for patients suffering from a neurological disorder.  

Facebook episode goes to courts Father dies of stab injuries after lover bailed out!
As a result of a conflict that took place in front of Traffic Magistrate Court, Colombo one person died and two others were injured.
A lover who was present over a case was stabbed and later as a result of stabbing by the girl's father, the father of the boy succumbed to his injuries.
As reported, the incident is as follows:
                                             The suspect, Adone

Why was girl taken into custody now? -- Hirunika Both are at fault -- Ranjan
Wariyapola Addl. Magistrate Mrs. Shrimathi Rajapaksha last evening ordered that the girl Thilini Amalka who was taken into custody yesterday in relation to the incident of a case of assault in Wariyapola be released on personal bond.
Thilini Amalka who is employed in a factory in

Thilini Imalka working in a Ratmalana factory .... in custody!

Thilini Imalka who was connected to the incident of assaulting a youth at Wariapola bus-stand was taken into custody by Wariyapola Police this afternoon.

It was after receiving a medical report that the said youth who was admitted to hospital suffering from some damage to his ear after which she was asked to give a statement by going to Wariyapola Police today (27).

Signs that Wariyapola ear-clouts heading for courtsYouth to hospital .... girl to police Investigation to search person who sent video to internet
The incident of a girl clouting a youth on the ear recently at Wariyapola bus-stand created a sensation on the internet and though it appeared to come to a close in its early stages, by now it has gone far and appears to go further as to take legal action.

As such, after the incident, Robertdasage Chandradasa alias Selva admitted himself to hospital about 3 weeks later saying that he had developed an ailment in the ear because of the girl clouting his ear. He had done so because it would make things easy for him to take legal action after securing a medical report on having been admitted to hospital.

Selva's wife with her child separates from him .... after Wariyapola incident
I didn't think that this incident will go this far  -- Selva (video)

After the assaulting incident yesterday at Wariyapola bus-sand created a sensation across the Facebook recently, the situation where the girl concerned could not get out of the house was reported earlier, the situation of the young man who was at the receiving end had become even worse.
As a consequence of this situation, his wife had


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