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How Australia welcomed  ..... T20 Women's World Champions

When the victory of the T20 Men's World Cup was being celebrated by Sri Lanka, it is a point of interest to find out its female counterfeit, the Australian Women's cricket team who won the Championship was subjected to welcome.

The item of the Laughing Contest which was held at the Derana Kalagama Avurudu programme recently became a very attractive event for everybody.

A shoe-attack on ..... Hillary Clinton!

Former Secretary of State and wife of former President, Hillary Clinton had to face an attack from a shoe thrown at her. It happened when she was addressing an assembly in Las Vegas.

Avurudu for Wennappuwa tourists

The Avurudu festival which was held a few days ago at Ranweli Hotel at Waikkal, Wennappuwa was a special one.Tourists from many countries who were there during this Avurudu season joined in the fun.
Pulling of ropes, Kotta-pora and several other items were held at this Bak Maha festival.
A collection of photos of the occasion, from BELOW


Shah Rukh hangs Anushka Sharma ... hangs Anushka Sharma on Kohli's neck

Sharukh Khan got on stage at the inaugural opening ceremony of the Indian Premier League 7 held in Abu Dhabi and called Virat Kohli, thereby proceeding to

Suspect who pasted 'Pu* hodamu' ... on top of 'Olu hodamu' .....before psychiatrist!

Galle District parliament member had pasted posters at various places both in Galle and Colombo.

The sentence which focused attention was 'Den ithin olu hodamu'. It is learnt that this poster conveyed the idea that a procedure should be adopted to face the challenge to the pressure exerted by the Geneva Resolution by everyone getting together as a country at this period.

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