It's true that I am a little short of hearing ....but can go on  -- Premier

Though various people complain that his sight and hearing is defective, Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratna expressed at a news conference sometime back that although he had been to the States and had undergone surgery there because of a

Dallas' younger brother, Mano's wife, Bandula Padmakumara's daughter, A.S.P. Liyanage, Sarath Kongahage ....
                        All in Foreign Service
                        -- Anura Kumara reveals names in parliament

JVP leader Mr. Anura Kumara Dissanayaka said in parliament yesterday that most of those serving in diplomatic offices overseas representing Sri Lanka have been appointed on the basis of political rapport and relationship and

Duleeka's wedding .... next Wednesday

The strange wedding of popular teledrama actress Duleeka Marapana is to take place on a drama-stage this week.

While the husband of Duleeka in real life, Sujeewa Priyalal would be acting in concert stage drama 'Lawrence's Bride' , according to the final scene in that drama, Sujeewa weds Duleeka and she becomes his bride according to the script

Katia Wagner the Austrian beauty who won the 2013 Miss Earth crown is currently engaged on a tour of Sri Lanka and she was seen visiting the parliament, the museum and a number of other places of interest in Colombo last week.
Shown below is a collection of those photos. All photos, from HERE

24 year old model Chulakshi Ranatunga who hailed from Nittambuwa was chosen as Miss Sri Lanka in the Finals of the contest of Siyatha Lux Miss Sri Lanka held last Tuesday. She contested at the previous contest too and became Runner up while on this occasion she was able to clinch the title.
She will be participating at Miss World contest representing Sri Lanka. A collection of photos at the last contest, from HERE

Anarkali also lost  It's doubtful if I'll win at next elections   -- Paba

Upeksha Swarnamali (Paba) who attended an interview at a weekend newspaper recently expressed in public the doubt about her victory in future.

What she said was that when considering the downfall of a number of popular figures at the last elections, she has had to rethink about the future. It was confirmed by the answers she gave to some questions asked from her.

* You managed to secure the biggest number of preferential votes last time not as a political figure .... isn't it?

   Definitely yes.


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