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Former Minister of Sports Mahindananda  Aluthgamage to be arrested after arrival of President from Japan?

The political circles believe that the former Minister of sports Mahindananda  Aluthgamage would be arrested after the FCID had  questioned him on the misappropriation of funds in the Ministry of sports during his tenure in the

To predict the weather forecast accurately radar equipment donated from Japan

The Japanese government it to gift two Doppler radar equipments sets to Sri Lanka to enable the meteorological authorities to predict the weather accurately. This has been added by the Minister of Disaster Management.

These two Doppler radar instruments are to be installed at suitable points in the Island through which

Talks about some State ministers to resign

The political sources have disclosed that owing to the reason that the duties and responsibilities of State Ministers have not been clearly defined a group has decided to quit from their State Minister portfolios.

It is reported that as a result of not having

Water levels in Kelani river rises, but no threat of floods

It is reported that owing the heavy rains during the past few days the water levels in a number rivers including that of the Kelani River have been rising.

The Assistant Director of the Disaster

Tele actress Rukshana in a motor mishap along SEH

The Tele actress and dance artiste Rukshana Dissanayake has met with an accident along the Southern Express Highway.

It is reported that a vehicle that had been following Rukshana’s vehicle at a fast speed had

Vehicle prices after tax charge

After  the introduction  of Unitary Tax which took effect from yesterday 27th in the case of imports of vehicles, the prices of certain  vehicles have fetched a very high price while the  prices of some

Beautician Found Dead In Bandaragama

An incident of a Beautician from Bandaragama, Rambukkana who is supposed to have set herself on fire was reported yesterday. It is suspected that she had died in this manner as a result of a conflict with her husband and what certain persons of her family say is that she had been set on fire and killed her this way.

The deceased Gagani Lankadari  is a 30 year old mother of one son aged 10 years. Her husband is one Lasantha Janaka Perera and he is employed in the position of a Co-ordinating Secretary of Deputy Minister Ajith P. Perera, it was reported. It was when she was in her home that her body had caught fire on Wednesday (25) night.  At that

Obama Meets President Maithri in G7 Summit

Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena was given a grand welcome during the G 7 International Conference being held in Japan these days, it is reported. The video below shows how the Japanese Premier engaged in a lengthy discussion with President Maithripala with the support of an Interpreter and how British Prime Minister Cameron and American President

Prices of imported vehicles increased from midnight yesterday with increase of Unit Rate tax

Prices of motor vehicles with a cylinder capacity between 1000 cc and 1500 cc and three-wheelers have risen as a result of the increase in the Unit Rate Tax from midnight yesterday, The President of

Nadeesha's response to the latest boy friend's close associate's advise to be careful with Nadeesha

The latest boy friend of  popular Tele drama actress Nadeesha  Hemamali was revealed only yesterday as Bashitha de Silva.When on the Face Book page of his  photos in close association with

Prime Minister inquires into behaviour of Ahamed Nassir, a decision after President returns

At the time of the prize giving of Sampur ,Maha Vidyalaya a serious incident has been reported in many media how the Chief Minister of the Eastern province Ahamed Nassir Mohamed had

The son in law of OIC Horowpathana has been caught after killing his daughter and injuring mother in law

It is reported from Horowpatana where on the 26th early morning that the twenty two year old

Prime Minister orders an inquiry to the post given to Anusha Pelpita

There had been news published in several media and websites that the former Director General of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission Anusha Pelpita had been awarded the post of additional

Nadeesha's new boyfriend

Boyfriends of popular teledrama actress of Nadeesha Hemamali has been brought into limelight on various features. In order to popularise certain music videos too she had drawn forward her lovers. Whatever it is, Nadeesha who still is unmarried is supposed to be having some attachment to a married businessman-lover, it is now understood among the Field. She has not tried to conceal information about him in her Facebook Page and had even taken steps to publish photos of both of

For those government servants affected by floods and landslides a three month loan sans interest

he government sources have decided to grant loans to all those government servants who were affected by floods and landslides with no

Speaker taken into the hall in the car designed by student

The Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has been invited to be the Chief Guest at the opening of the new school laboratory at the Bandaranaike Vidyalaya

Flooding of Gampaha district is because of  sea planes

It had been revealed  the  cause flooding of the Gampaha district is because of  allowing the water of Dandugam Oya to stagnate and not allowing the water to flow into the lagoon in the vicinity.

It has revealed that a sand wall has been erected between the waters of Dandugam Oya  and the lagoon which  allows the water to stagnate instead of preventing the water from moving into the

 In the midst of a live recording Sameetha becomes emotional

In the midst of a live recording Sameetha becomes emotional

It is reported that in the midst of a live recording Sameetha Mudunkotuwa had become very emotional.This had happened when her daughter Kaveesha had sung live in the Derana television channel in the programme "Derana Musics live".

Sillara Kasi Tele Drama On Location

The Sillara Kasi teledrama which is being broadcast these days over the National Rupavahini has for its theme the story of 3 young men who had been placed in a precarious situation where they just could not get over their debts and then subsequently tried to get over the predicament by starting to

Eastern Chief Minister abusing Uniformed Officer!

The incident where the Eastern Province Chief Minister reprimanded a uniformed Naval Officer at a school festival held in Sampur area recently has created a sensation by now.

One report says that Ahamed Nazeer has not been named as an invitee for the festival on that

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