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About  290 passengers missing .... 
after South Korean  vessel sinks

News of the death of 2 passengers and about 250 gone missing was reported early this morning as a result of a South Korean vessel sunk in the ocean.

The passenger ferry Seoul which was travelling to Jeju Islands from Ansan in South Korea had sunk in the extremely cold region in Yellow Sea. There were 325 male and female school-children travelling on an educational trip and it is learnt that the entire number of passengers including teachers and parents were estimated to be 459.

I didn't have the luck
  If I had .... I would have been captain before this
    -- Lasith Malinga

Sri Lankan cricket player Lasith Malinga who gave an interview to a weekend newspaper in the recent past had mentioned that he is a player who doesn't believe in luck.

Though he was the vice captain under Matthews, he says that


New racket of transporting cattle by .... 

A gang transporting cattle for illicit purposes who knew that transporting such cattle without a permit would end up in police had used the strategy of averting it by by using a Pajero for this purpose. This incident was reported from Hambantota.


Jayawardenepura Medical student commits suicide ... 
by jumping in front of train
not being able to bear lost love

Last afternoon at about 1 o'clock, a young girl who was staying near the railway station near Ramakrishna Road, Wellawatta had committed suicide by jumping in front of a moving train.


A pit dug in middle of hall in house..
because exorcist instructed so
A person who had tried to dig a pit 12 feet deep in search of a treasure in the middle of a hall in the house in Thavarakkulama area in Anuradhapura was caught by the police.

This person had been engaged in business for some time. However, later he had gone bankrupt and being destitute had thought of becoming rich through supernatural means when an exorcist had told him that there is a


Pregnant woman dies ....
because hospital staff was watching cricket match
The husband of a 32 year old woman who died after being admitted to Badulla General Hospital for delivering her baby had complained to the Director of the hospital and Badulla police saying that her death was due to negligence on the part of the staff at the ward concerned. While the Sri Lanka - England cricket match played last 27th was a great moment for Sri Lanka, members of the staff

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