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Escape from abduction .... by mother and child!
                Son of former PC member inside vehicle!

An incident where a married woman and her three and half year old child was abducted and taken away in a motor vehicle by 3 persons forcibly and when they were observed by the police, they had given chase and finally being rescued, was reported from Polpithigama.

Even mother refuses .... to accept body of Akmeemana killer!

As no one has come forward to claim the body of the murderer of the 8 year old girl living in Akmeemana Janabala hamlet by raping her, it is reported that the body of the suspect who died by jumping into water, was buried in the common burial ground in Dadella, Galle from government cost.

Akmeemana girl's murder revealed ....
       Police dog Ronnie goes to neighbouring youth's house and barks under his bed
Suspect commits suicide when on the way to show weapons

A 28 year old youth was taken into police custody from the neighbourhood yesterday for having raped and killed an 8 year old girl living in Akmeemana, Galle, due to the skill of police dog Ronnie.

Super Primaries for Bambalapitiya, Kirullapona, Madiwela
                A wonderful solution launched by Bandula ....
                          to admit children to Colombo popular schools

Politicians are trying to find solutions to the problem of admitting children to popular schools in Colombo. The foremost reason for this problem of a lack of vacancies in classes in these schools is that because those personally-known and those who have helped the school are being given special consideration in this respect and children coming from areas in close proximity are given preference. Having kept aside most other factors in this connection, Education Minister Bandula Gunawardena had been trying to find a solution and he has now implemented the latest methodology for this.

Just like the shoe aimed at George Bush .... T.B's broken pair of shoes is very valuable
It shows the Minister's vision and philosophy  -- Sudath Rohana

Cultural Minister T.B.Ekanayaka who went to sign Agreements recently on the occasion when the Chinese President arrived here, wearing a pair of shoes of which the soles had given way thus became the focus of attention of humour among many elements.

Uva Elections -- Alliance wins; UNP raises its head

The aggregate of Uva Provincial election results have been released by now. As such, both Badulla and Moneragala Districts have been won by the ruling power, the UPFA. But what is highlighted by the results this time is that when compared to election results during the past there appears to be a public opinion emerging against the government. 


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