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A bridegroom and bride appearing together prior to participating in the wedding celebrations has now become a vogue. Published below is a collection of such photos taken at Marina Bay Sands of a Sri Lankan couple who travelled to Singapore.

Marina Bay is a famous casino hotel comprising of 3 tall buildings combined together with a swimming pool erected on top with a boat-shaped construction.
Pix By -Indika Mallawarachchi / Dress By -Champi Siriwardane /Groom outfit - Abisaka Mandapaya

Jayalalitha Jeyaram granted bail

The Indian Supreme Court granted bail to former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha Jeyaram.

10,500 sarees
750 pairs of footwear
28 kilogrammes of gold
Several vehicles, houses, farmyards, tea plantations .... Jayalalitha's assets!

The strongest political leader Jayalalitha Jayaram who came into power for the third time in the Tamil Nadu Province not being able to prove accumulation of her assets of 66 crores was subjected to a four-year jail sentence. Among the assets are farmyards, houses, petrol sheds, tea

196 years have passed since the British imposed a taboo on Angam skills in Ceylon and the month happens to be October 5th this year.  So far Angam skills operate as a hidden aspect of the Art of Dancing. Those involved in the Field of Angam are taking steps to hand over a document to the government with the purpose of eliminating the said taboo. Published above is a collection of photos of an exhibition of Angam conducted on this behalf.

Pix-- Indika Mallawarachchi

Five from same family in Sangha Sasana

News is received of 5 monks resident in one and the same temple. They all belong to one and the same family too and all are from Akuressa area.

Mahela 3 goals
Upul Chandana 2 goals

  How cricket-stars played football with Old Boys

A game of football was played at Zahira College grounds recently with the motive of developing the game of football of the college. Its special feature was that Sri Lankan cricket


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