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Luxury brothel in Colpetty hotel ....  raided with 8 Thai girls inside

The Panadura Vice-squad Unit raided a brothel being conducted under the name 'Spa' on the 3rd floor of Juliana Hotel situated in Colpetty, Colombo day-before-yesterday.

Had pulled out from the legs ....
Had applied gum on girl's mouth ....
Had given biscuits and mud-water in the forest

 'Grease Gamini' reveals how girl was abducted

'Grease Gamini' who entered Wellawa in order to abduct the small girl had on entering applied gum on the girl's lips and had pasted a piece of paper and in addition had eaten 7 'peni walalu' kept for sale in that house and had then left that house, he had told in the presence of the police.

"I cut the mosquito net, Then I had a tube of gum in my hands. I put that on to a paper and pasted it on the girl's mouth. The girl was in deep sleep. Just as I was pasting it, because it was strong, the child awoke and started struggling a little bit.
How Senthil Thondaman's Hammer had run over ....
killing a group of people in Bandarawela (CCTV video)

The video in which the accident which took place yesterday in Bandarawela in which one person lost his life and 24 were injured is seen below.

Last evening when the driver of Uva Provincial Council UNFP candidate Mr. Senthil Thondaman had started the vehicle, it had moved forward without control and as a consequence Mr. Thondaman and some supporters who were on the road were subjected to an accident and the vehicle had finally stopped after colliding with a jeep.

One person lost his life while 24 persons suffered injuries and were admitted to Diyatalawa Hospital. Three persons

Mother who throttled and killed 6 year old daughter ....for urinating and passing stools inside house!

A few days ago the news was reported of a father who had dashed the child on the ground. And now it was reported yesterday from Kolonnawa of an incredible incident committed by her own mother who begot her child. This incident is of a case where the mother has assaulted her 6 year old daughter and killed her by strangling her. It is understood that this action had been taken having lost her temper because the small 6 year old child had not given up the habit of passing urine and stools inside the house.

Death penalty for doctor who raped and killed garment worker! 
Dragged her on a piece of cardboard!
Doctor said "No .... no" even when Viagra pills and blood stains were found in his room!

The general public came to know of a sensational piece of news of a patient serving in a garment factory after having been admitted to Negombo Hospital had being raped by a young doctor while the said doctor fearing that the secret would leak out had then pushed her from a window.


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