Popular tele-actress Rebecca Nirmali whom viewers of the teledrama Weda Hamine have come to know is presently taking treatment at Maharagama Cancer Hospital.

We all hope that she would recover soon.

She had been hospitalised for the past 2 months or so and her fans in the field of Arts as well as the audience have rocked around her constantly with the hope that she would gain quick recovery.

Dropped the affair ....
Dilini asked to deposit 20 lakhs in the bank!
-- Tele-actor Shashiranga

The romance between tele-actor Shashiranga Wickramasekera and tele-actress Dilini Lakmali Thirimanna for 3 years had become a common piece of news in the media.

However, the connection between the two of them collapsed some days ago over a certain issue. Shashiranga complains

Accident when speeding on Expressway .... with unknown female at back Motorbike accident on Expressway (mobile video)

A person who speeded on the Katunayaka Expressway against the law on a motorbike met with his fate last Friday. This person who had told his wife that he would be back in 2 hours' time was travelling with an unknown female on the pillion of his bike and had entered the Expressway all the while aware that it was prohibited.

Though the authorities showed their protest the moment he was gaining access to the route he had turned a deaf ear and had speeded his bike. While reaching Kerawalapitiya he was once again signalled to stop and since he paid no attention even then, a team pursued him

Money is paid and sent for classes .... not to do Politics-- Rupavahini News

The News Division of the National Rupavahini yesterday had subjected the incident of Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasingha participating as an invitee at the farewell party of the A/L Sinhala class of popular lecturer of the tuition class Upul Shantha Sannasgala day-before-yesterday, to serious criticism.    

Malaysian actress born in Sri Lanka .... dead from MH17 tragedy!

A Malaysian actress of Sri Lankan birth, her husband and daughter were reported to have died in the MH17 Malaysian aircraft which met with tragedy while flying over Ukraine as a result of a missile attack.

Ranil goes to .... Upul Shantha's 'Ape Sinhala Panthiya' (photos/video)

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasingha had been to the farewell party last week of 'Ape Sinhala Panthiya' located at Rotary Institute in Nugegoda of popular tuition master Upul Shantha Sannasgala.


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