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Richmond student disappears .....  when browsing internet in midnight!

News is reported from Galle of a 19 year old schoolboy disappearing when watching the internet.

It is Asela Malaka Perera, a clever student who sat for his A/L in the Biology Science stream in Galle Richmond College that has disappeared in this manner.

He had on the night of last 12th while engaged on the internet developed a stomachache and had asked the householders to prepare a cup of coffee for him and had since missing from home a moment later and when

What to do ....When considering from the point of view of India .... we are weak in all 3 departments of the game!

The Sri Lankan team which faced defeat continuously in the four ODIs against India is scheduled to begin the 5th game tomorrow (16) in Ranchi. After the terrible defeat in the 4th game, what Angelo Matthews said was that the Sri Lankan team has flopped in all three

I like to go in a big jeep!
         I'll have the wedding in a hall that has tables with fish tanks fixed!
         -- Jackson's son Akila

Well-known artiste Jackson Anthony revealed to a newspaper about a month before that the rumour that he had took money from the government was a fib and that even his children are spending a simple common life looking after his family just being able to cover up his poverty, revealing that he is free from cravings and

Sri Lanka were subjected to an astounding defeat at the hands of India yesterday by leaving room for a single batsman to amass a huge score of 264 in the history of ODIs.

Finally Anarkali's wedding is with .... Dishan Jayasinghe of Los Angeles Who is this Dishan?
The prediction that popular actress Anarkali Akarsha was going to marry, became a sensational piece of news recently and a Sri Lankan by the name of Dishan Jayasinghe living in America had registered his marriage with Anarkali in Los Angeles, America last 13th Thursday; thus bringing credibility to the prediction. The

Girl who went to shop .... speaks

The girl who was involved in an embarassing situation with a salesman in a dress outlet in Dambulla yesterday spoke to the media and explained the incident as shown on the video below.


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