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Girl who went to shop .... speaks

The girl who was involved in an embarassing situation with a salesman in a dress outlet in Dambulla yesterday spoke to the media and explained the incident as shown on the video below.

Salesman who felt the body ....  when girl went to fit-on room to change!

An unrest was created in Dambulla town yesterday (12) evening as a result of an incident where a young girl who visited a dress shop known as "See Fashion" in Dambulla town to buy a dress had to change her clothes gone inside the fit-on room when a salesman in the shop had

I got a desire seeing Lalani's clothes in disarray in the moonlight
     -- Rapist-murderer's confession

Much information about the manner in which the murder of 24 year old external degree undergraduate Lalani Nadeesha of Warapitiya Walauwwa of Ukuwela, Matale was committed by Denzil Jayawardena (32) and also about his ownself have been revealed by him after he was convicted of guilt over the crime.

The murderer, a father of two had been living at the time 300 metres away from the victim's house and he had come into occupation from Hokandara area to Matale after marriage. His wife too is a well-known neighbour of the deceased. The suspect who came with hopes of thinking that the dowry-money would be inside the said house was able to find a sum of only Rs. 3000 in the bride's handbag.

Malaka tried to grab the white-skinned girl from the lover ...   and harass her
     -- Police say as evidenced on CCTV

The Colombo CID yesterday (11) told courts that Manoj Malaka Silva, son of Minister Mervin Silva had attempted to grab the British girl from her lover and was subjected to harassment with the intention of causing sexual harassment, prior to the brawl that took place a few days ago at Rythmn and Blues night club in Bambalapitiya.

According to 'B' reports presented to courts by the CID, the statement of Palihawadana Ranasingha Aarachchige Jayaratna who gave evidence about happenings that took place that night in addition to

"Warella warella" .... time has come make Mahinda win!   Rock to the winning side! Mervin modernises Beg's song

Minister Mervin Silva who came to open an election propaganda office of the Alliance in Kelaniya yesterday was dancing and singing some lines of

Drug-addict in dowry-robbery in midnight .... kills Warapitiya Lalani Nadeesha

Lalani Nadeesha the external undergraduate student living in Warapitiya, Ukuwella, Matale was murdered in the month of May about 6 months ago on the wedding night of her brother and the killer of this young girl has now been arrested.


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